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  1. Added a few things, but the big one was a muzzle brake to replace the plain jane A2 style birdcage. Originally I had a terrible time finding any kind of muzzle device with a thread pitch of 5/8 x 24TPI yet a bore large enough to accommodate a 10mm/.40 projectile. but thanks to Sporting Systems they were able to work with the vendor (R+J) and take one of their KBG blanks for a .50 Beowulf and custom bore it out for my 10mm at a really reasonable price. Other additions M21 ScopeCoat Cover (not pictured) Homeland Guns WOR (Wash Out Remover) Kit for the M21 Odinworks XMR Extended Magazine release in silver Ares Armor Gavel ambi safety selector switch Crimson Trace CMR-206 Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight Klarus XT10 XM-L T6 470 lumens LED Flashlight Liquid Gunworks Elzetta ZRX Weapon Light Mount in Reaper Black R+J KBG Muzzle Brake
  2. Well I only have two, and they were both purchased off of Gunbroker. They both had surface rust and I recently stripped them down prior to re-bluing them. There I discovered the magazines are actually M3 grease gun magazines
  3. Took it out to the backwoods yesterday to verify functionality of newest modified Sten magazine. With the buffer already weighing in at 7.1oz and the Ace stock coming in at 16.5oz, adding 33 rounds in a full magazine makes this a heavy beast. No chrony went out this time, though I am hoping when I get to an actual range I will be able to relay some accurate velocities. I only shot handloads yesterday, 180gr Hornady XTP's, with 10gr of BlueDot IIRC I was getting just under 1200fps on my S&W1076, but I would have to go back and look to be sure. Reliability was great for the 99 rounds I shot. I had one bad primer and no other malfunctions. Loading the Sten mag is not fun for fingers, and when you leave an empty on your range bag that sits in the sun, it heats up to about eleventy billion degrees. I may need to invest in a magazine pouch similar to what the Thompsons had. Unlike the Olympic Arms magazine the modified Sten mags dont lock back when empty either. I'm looking forward to feeding it some Doubletaps in both 135gr all the way up to the 230gr. Hopefully that will help me find a sweet spot that I can start to base some handoads on.
  4. Originally tried to make a poor man's SubGun, but blowback AR's and SlideFire stocks dont play well together. So here she sits until my home State of Washington allows SBR's. I really enjoying firing it, though the "fun" get's expensive and it ejects brass into low Earth orbit making it difficult to find and recover. Olympic Arms Upper 10mm 16” Button Rifled Barrel 1in16 Twist w/Bolt Carrier Assembly with a Spikes Tactical SL15 Multi-Cal Lower, Magpul B.A.D. Lever, Ergo Ambidextrous Tactical Deluxe Grip Timney Competition Trigger ACE SOCOM Collapsible Buttstock MGI Rate & Recoil Reducing Carbine Buffer MGI 2x Carbine Buffer Spring BCM Vltor Mod3 Charging Handle GG&G Vertical Foregrip Troy Industries VTAC Alpha Rail Handguard 13” Meprolight M21 Reflex 1x 30mm Bullseye Reticle w/ Quick Release Mount Troy Industries Rear Flip-Up BUIS w/Tritium Troy Industries Front Flip-Up BUIS w/Tritium Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard Pictured with a10mm 35 Round Sten Magazine w/Hahn Block. (Majority of my magazines are 18 round Olympic Arms)
  5. Thought I would bring this thread back from the dead for a couple reasons. It's been 2+ years and having put more than a few rounds thru the S&W Model 310 I have come to a few conclusions. The scandium frame is light...very light, and when firing 10mm it's snappy enough that I've gone to always wearing my gloves. When firing in .40S&W it's accurate and down right fun and enjoyable.
  6. Had to pay my dues to the 10mm Gods yesterday at the Saddle Butte Machine Gun Shoot at the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club in Albany OR. Went back twice for some fun with an AR Platform 10mm Sub Gun.
  7. Well I purchased "The Plug" via the S&W Forums and snuck in a few minutes this past Mother's Day to get the lock out and "The Plug" in. The youtube video helped alot, and we were able to get it done with relative ease. Functionality seems fully restored, but only one way to know for sure......time to head down range again. Pic below, so you can see "the Plug" in black
  8. Towtruck, I am really sorry to hear about all the trouble you have been going thru, but I am appreciative of you posting it up to keep us all in the know. I just ordered "The Plug" and will be updating this post on it's install and subsequent firings
  9. On the plus side, Rob Leahy at Simply Rugged Holsters made me a fantastic Sourdough that was a perfect fir for the 310 http://www.simplyrugged.com/
  10. Fisr off, My apologies for the delay, it's been hectic around my house with some personal matters and I was much delayed in getting the gun to the range. That being said I did get about 20 rounds of both 10mm and .40 S&W thru my 310.....until I fired a somewhat "warm" but not nuclear 200gr Doubletap 10mm load which caused the infamous S7W internal locking mechanism to engage. I of course didnt even bring one of the keys with me, so my day was done with that weapon. I called S&W to see if there was option from the factory nfor removal or modification and they proceeded to talk out of both side of their mouths. At first stating that I was basically lying and that they have light framed 500 Magnums that never engage the lock as well as .44 Magnums etc etc. Then in the same breath told me what I could do to make sure it doesnt happen again......i.e. removal or filing down a part, )There is pretty good youtube video out there showing what needs to be done. Needless to say I pretty disapoointed right now, but I do have planes to have the lock removed at a local gunsmith, then I just need to get that little hole filled and back out to the range for a real range report
  11. ROFL.....Dang I cant find a box for shipping!! I'll keep looking ;) By chance has anyone found a good holster for the 310?
  12. Thanks for the heads up, I saw a youtube video of a 310 owner that had an issue as well. I plan to get out this weekend and put some rounds downrange. I'll keep my fingers crossed it will be trouble free.
  13. Well my trusty S&W 1076 no longer is lonely after the purchase of a new S&W 310 Night Guard. Just picked it up last night and have yet to fire it. Will hopefully have a range report follow up soon. Sorry for the low quality pic
  14. Well, I'll bump this thread since I just got a Kramer Holster for my 1076. This is Kramer's IWB #3 in Horsehide, the color i chose was black. Here is the link http://www.kramerleather.com/productDetail...p;categoryID=23 I placed the order on 2/19/10, Received today 4/29/10 - 69 days Initial Impression: Outstanding quality, very happy customer here. I hope to start a thread in the future as I spend sometime using this holster as as my conceal carry.
  15. Does Smith and Wesson cover replacing sights that have faded over time? If so how long is the warranty on such a thing valid? are the oem site from Smith and Wesson Trijicon SA14's?
  16. Happy Father's Day!! Especially to those that have had the misfortune to go into family courts in this country.
  17. Personally I just got here, so i hope no one is leaving on my account I swear I'm not the smelly kid in class lol.
  18. David Wile you have hit the nail on the head.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I just placed my first DT order a few days ago for some 180gr practice loads...looks like I'm about to become a repeat customer!
  20. Just recently ordered a 22lbs recoil spring and was wondering if I should have concerns using it in conjunction with firing ammo such a 115gr blue or Silver Glasers, or Magsafe 46gr and 96gr?
  21. Thanks for all the info!. Midway's website states the followers are out of stock until 7/25...I may get a few just to appease my obsessive/compulsive issues lol.
  22. I'm still to new to search, so could someone explain to me the difference between the yellow and white followers? The two magazines I received with my 1076 are white, I have a third I bought used which is yellow...is this something I should be concerned about?
  23. Thanks Wade! I appreciate all the info as well as helping me get educated. I'm really looking forward to doing some serious reading here!!
  24. Thanks for the warm welcome and my apologies for the thread hijack. I bought my 1076 brand new Aug. of 1993 SN#TFS-3913. I just recently gotten out of the service and looking for my first handgun as a civilian. Prior to leaving the service I had met a gentleman from the FBI during some training we both attended. While talking shop I moaned and complained about our transition from M1911's to Beretta 9mm's and to he shared his personal impressions with the 1076, thus my interest began lol. I have fired it religiously for only about 250 rounds anually.....well except this year as ammo has been scare locally........I just ordered some DT's as well as a 22lbs. recoil spring so hopefully I will get some firing time in soon. I was extremely excited to have stumbled onto this forum (thanks ammo shortage) as I was very happy to see the 10mm establish such a loyal following. I'm looking forward to be able to use the search function soon!! My apologies for the less then stellar cell phone pic of my 1076 with a Pachmayr slipon grip. Marc
  25. I think I have the two dots stamped on my 1076 but they look very tiny and faint...is that normal? Maybe I'm just getting old lol
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