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  1. Oh an it jammed with the standard carbine buffer that came with it as well
  2. Jammed on 2 magpuls and an aluminum mag shot xm193 and remington .223 the barrel is an m4 wilson heavy barrel the upper is a standard rock river bolt carrier group is a young manufacturing m16 NM Buffer is a spikes tactical ST-T2 which is around the weight of an H2
  3. gas key is tight. never cleaned the tube gas blocks looks pretty straight may take it off and really clean her up
  4. ran it through 60 times and loaded and ejected all.. hmm
  5. May have to have my smith check her out. So should I but a lighter or heavier buffer spring in it?
  6. dunno - only seems to do it every thenth round or so - very strange. I was told to try a heavier buffer spring.
  7. Seems very smooth. is it a good idea to polish them?
  8. HI No, I think it's just a pic of it dirty. After cleaning it up, it seems perfect. The carrier / bolt has only had maybe 500 rounds throw it.
  9. Over the weekend, my Rock River SBR has been jamming just about every tenth round. It ejects the shells just fine but the timing on chambering the new round on occasions seems to be off and it crushes the shell between the bolt and the chamber.. Sometimes it wont lock back on the last round either, but not very often. it almost seems the the bolt tries to catch the round in the mag alittle lower that midway instead of at the rim. I've tried the following.. Tried both my Magpul's 30 rounders 2 other aluminum 30 rounders XM193 and Remington .223 ammo Removed my PWS TTO Brake I replaced the standard buffer with a Spikes Tactical Heavy Buffer Completly cleaned the bolt and all internals of it Still jams after an x number of shots everytime. Below are some pics. it has an 11.5 barrel wilson heavy barrel m16 ym nation match carrier yankee hill gas block regular carbine spring spike st-t2 buffer it ran fine last year but all of a sudden it's freaking on me Any other idea's? Heavier or lighter buffer spring maybe?
  10. I was very interested in the Brownell's Modular Gas Block for my RRA 11.5" SBR and was told that it won't work with Short Barreled Rifles as they need a steel gas block?? Interesting because I have never heard this before. Is there and issue with using an aluminum block on SBR's because the one I have on there now has no issues. It's a standard 1 rail block that came with the rifle.
  11. Wow, lots of great info. I like this site. I am looking for a break to do 3 things for me.. I shoot on private land so this is what I want the muzzle break to do. 1. BE LOUD 2. HELP KEEP IT ON TARGET FOR FAST SHOTS 3. NOT TO ACT LIKE A FLASH HIDER. I LOVE THE FLAME So in other words, LOUD N FLASHY My understanding is the PWS TTO or the Wilson Tactical muzzle Brake may fit the bill.
  12. RRA 10.5" SBR I am sure I know the answer to this, but I have a threaded Bushmaster AK-74 type muzzle break I want to try out on my AR. Would I assume this would make this thing louder than he!! and possible at the same time, tame recoil for rapid shot? Right now I just have the standard A2 flash hider on it. i will be shooting on private land so the noise is no issue.
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