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  1. Alden- Yeah, can't wait to see what unloading 7 rounds of a 12 gauge feels like. Rotekk- Yeah if i start unloading more that two. Ill be falling back towards my ar15. Use it up then switch back to the shotgun. Followed by some hand to hand combat. In all seriousness though, found a 870 at the gun shop for 349.00 so if I don't find one cheaper at the gun show. I may head that way. Appreciate everyone's words of wisdom.
  2. Wow that Stoeger Double Defense Looks awesome. Think I like the pump idea better. Thanks for the input. Gonna see whats available at the gun show this weekend. Maybe ill find a good deal on an 870.
  3. Looking at getting a Remington 870 express 7round. What price should i be looking at? found them around 350ish online. What should one go for used? Or should i just get a new one. Thanks for any help.
  4. I like my Xd9 with the grip safety. That's why i choose it over the glock.
  5. RockTaco, Im excited to hear how the light performs. I'm new to the AR world and was also looking at that light. Let us know how it holds up. Does it feel cheap/solid? Thanks bb
  6. Will do, thanks for the link and info.
  7. Thanks for asking that question. I too was curious about the magazines. I'm on a budget and also looking at the vortex strikefire as my optics. Going tomorrow hopefully to purchase a stagarms 15 model 3. for around 780.00 nib. Thank you guys for all your help. -bb
  8. Ive read that c-products are good. But just want to make sure before i order them, these are good right? http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/57250-36.html thanks for any help!
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