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  1. bambam1976

    Look what came in today(finally)-pics

    i really want to get a scope but broke for a few weeks. i want a flip up sight for the front but the local seemed high at 80 dollars next will probaly be something more sniperish lol
  2. I read the other thread and I might just be completely crazy but please coreect me if im wrong: all those calibers mentioned in the other thread will feed in the magazine for 223/5.56 or do you have to get a different mag for each diff cal. but one that will still fit in the mag hole on the 223 lower reciever? if i get a 243 barreled upper, it will pop right on to the 223 lower and get a mag to fit both and off to range i go? is this right? that would be way to cooolllll l
  3. bambam1976

    Look what came in today(finally)-pics

    Thanks for all the praise guys and helping me with this purchase, it was a doossyyy
  4. bambam1976

    Look what came in today(finally)-pics

    Sorry I guess i forgot to list them: Ar 15 ap4 pather arms Kel tec 9 mm sub 2000 (the one that folds in half) to my surprise very very accurate at a hundred yards you can hit milk jugs with open sights Cobray M 11 9 mm (the one with a fake suppressor) Intrac Hs 2000 9 mm (1st generation spring field XD) semi auto pistol Uberti .45 log colt revolver I bought the kel tec and the cobray for 300 each and just thought they were neat guns for the money i can fit all 4 in the box seen in the pics. alot of fire power for one box, now if i can just figure out how to get the ap 4 in there it would be my ultimate shtf box lol
  5. This my new panther ap 4 and I love it. I also took a few pics of my boys all together.
  6. bambam1976

    Lake City ammo

    about some good places to get the lake city. anybody know any?
  7. I was wondering the same thing but with different calibers. if i had a 308 barrel and upper can you use the lower for your 223 if not whats diderent. i would think the firing pin would hit ccenter and the center is the center no matter what size shell you are shooting. or is it a diifferent issue just urious because that would be great
  8. bambam1976

    dpms sportical any opinions?

    yeah i was blinded by the big black gun and couldnt see it for what it was but oh well i love kides and have taken upon myself to repopulate the southeast with big babies. i see in your sig that you are from just this side of deranged so that would put in south central texas maybe the valley heh lol
  9. bambam1976

    dpms sportical any opinions?

    did a little horse trading My wife and i have a 8 year old a 20 month old and 8 month old twins that are all boys and she been wanting to try for one more (hopefully a girl)and i kept telling her she was crazy. well i told her if i got the gun she could get a shot at a baby. no pun intended so it looks like i may have added two to the family but man did i want that gun. kinda of a funny story i had the money in my rat hole the whole time but why spend mine when i can spend ours. i might need it for a scope or ammo or lasers or something im sure. thanks for all yalls help with this purchase i think i ended up with a good rifle for a good price.
  10. bambam1976

    dpms sportical any opinions?

    Bought it for 1059 with shipping. i Cant wait till it gets here now i just need a scope
  11. bambam1976

    dpms sportical any opinions?

    Do you know what this paticular rifle would uasally cost? Trying to convince my better half that it is a good deal.
  12. bambam1976

    dpms sportical any opinions?

    found a DPMS AR-15 AP4 w/Single Gas Block Rail 5.56/.223 for 1000 its close to what i want goes this sound like a good pricce
  13. Any reviews or opinions on the sportical seemsthat they are priced well.WAS thinking of the sport with a bbl
  14. bambam1976

    Does anybody post hot sales they know about

    how fo you get to the equipment area and is there a forsale secction?