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  1. Warhorse

    New AR owner here

    Nice carbine, and it/you shoot well!
  2. Warhorse

    Most Important Upgrade

    Lots of trigger time, shooting at various distances, from different posistions. Training, training, and more training.
  3. Warhorse

    A3 front sight tool??????

    We were given nails to use when I was in ('75-'79). The front sight tool is the way to go though, makes it so easy. mesz13, I believe the "A3" designation just means that the carry handle is detachable from its picatinny flat top.
  4. Warhorse

    Member listing for Michigan residents

    Hi everyone I just joined the forum, and am looking forward to learning a thing or two, and contributing some of my own knowledge from time to time. I am originally from the West side of the metro Detroit area, but have been living in northern MI for the last 15 years.