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  1. Hey guys, i am getting a custom stock built, and they offer engravings on the butt stock. So I wanted to ask you guys for some suggestions for a bad ass font for a sniper quote. If you would, please give me a good source of the font to give to the company. Thanks
  2. I am considering getting a double barrel side by side shotgun, and i am leaning towards the stoeger double defense. I just have a few questions before i make my purchase. Does it have extractors, or whatever they are called. Would you guys recommend it, and if not what would you suggest. Thanks
  3. put it on a miniature barge. and move along with the boom lol. or just put a boat motor on it.
  4. The Hangover and Transformers all the way.
  5. Do you know what the difference between 1aa and 2aa is?
  6. i like the idea of being able to use it behind an optic like an eotech. there are som many options to choose from as far a gen3, gen 3a, 1aa, 2aa. What one would you suggest?
  7. I am thinking about getting this set of NVG's. Which head mount would you suggest? You have to click on "+ See More Headgear & Helmet Mounts" Also depending on what style you think i should get, i need a helmet to go along with it. Here is a 360 view at atn. It lists 3800$ there compared to 3200$ weird. I am open to suggestions to possible better buys/ better products. That is product to price ratio. No gen 4 suggestions please, i dont wanna spend that much. Thanks
  8. Kochster


    IMO back in the 50's and 60's the way the guys dressed to get girls would have been considered cool. Like ya know a badass. I'd like to meet a girl that would choose an emo guy over some badass, leather jacket wearing, tuff guy. WTF is wrong with people. That girl obviously has problems judging by what you said about the mom.
  9. Kochster


    Like my dad told me, love is blind. You cannot tell someone that is in love for the first time, what to do. You just cant. Even if the girl is a worthless piece of shat, along with the rest of the family. He may think about getting rid of her, but you know what that would mean, no more tang, so he milks it out. The boy has to get his heart curb stomped to get the message. I'm 19 and graduated in 08, and i dont even understand emo people. Its like they have some wires crossed in there head or something. Its alot like gay people. It doesnt make any sense but its the way it is. Though i would give my .02 cents. Take it for what its worth.
  10. Where can i get a scope mount for one of these ati rifles? I saw some on gun broker, but they dont specify whether or not they will work on a ati rifle. They basically say it may or may not work. I just need the brand of the mount and a link would be awesome Thanks
  11. What brand would you guys suggest. I will be putting my guns, and important papers in it. I would like it to have a decent fire rating, and i heard something about a flood rating. I dont think i would need it due to where i live but it wouldn't hurt in case a water line froze or something in my basement. My local gander mountain has liberty safe's, but i heard i should stay away from those. Thanks
  12. Are there any other mp5's that look like the above gun? Maybe a better brand. I've looked, but with no luck.
  13. Which do you guys like better, the black or titanium?
  14. I should have put this in the rifle section, sorry I wasn't thinking. I used to have a airsoft gun just like this MP5. I'm feeling kind of nostalgic for a real one. I figured you guys would be the best people to ask. Here's a few of the basic questions. Is this mp5 considered a pistol? Do they make this style in different calibers? Is American Tactical Imports a quality company? I am open to suggestions to different mp5's. I just like the look of the below mp5. If i can buy a good brand mp5 and add the fake silencer and round hand guard, that's great, too. Thanks I really dont like the look of the mag though.
  15. Wow thats alot of parts lol. i'll probably start with that DPMS parts kit. Which one of these would you suggest, If not more than one.
  16. Just curious what you guys keep on hand. What things on an ar normally wear out or break first, and need replacing.
  17. I guess i really didnt get off of the beaten path because i went as a high school trip, so i only met shop owners and people like that, so i may be wrong about them, plus i wanted to say it since harry says it on dumb and dumber :oh yea:
  18. I just need to know what to look for, and which options are offered on this shotgun. Thanks anything helps
  19. No i dont ride. I could afford a good bike, but idk i really dont have much time, plus i live on gravel. That probably wouldnt stop you though. Maybe if i dont find a gal after a while i will give in and get a bike. I just like to wear fox cloths, one Christmas my sister bought me like 6 fox shirts and 2 fox sweat shirts and she has done that for 3 or more years now so ya. I like the white sweatshirt better. I'll assume your being a smartass. +1 The french are azzholes. Paris is kind of dirty, too.
  20. I'm pretty new here, and dont know any of you personally, but here i am in Paris on a river cruise. I'm sure you know whats in the background. The Coliseum
  21. The Director of those films must have been against guns huh
  22. i was looking on springfields site and they say carbon steel on there barrels. What does that mean? Is it chrome moly
  23. What is the best rifling rate for a 308 round. I just basically want to use my gun for target shooting, and maybe sometime in the future, go elk hunting out west or something. Long range is my main concern. The platform i am looking at is a M1A with a stainless 1:11 twist
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