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    Free Fishing Book

    FOLKS, THIS IS A CLASSIC. CLousers Flies, the Flies of Bob Clouser. Its normally forty bucks down to free on kindle. His clouser minnow is the best streamer ever designed. You can tie them on a size 12 for trout and bream, or a 3\0 for tarpon and stripers. If you can tie this you can catch fish anywhere in the world. Best part is they are easy. All it takes is a long shanked hook, dumbell eyes, two colors of buck tail and maybe a little flash. Its a two minute fly even for a duffer like me, and damn they work. Plus they ride hook up so they're all but weedless. You can tie them on a jig head if you're a spinning rod guy. Pick this up while its free.
  2. Ok. We've all got the box 'o holsters laying around in our garage. Let's put them in the classifieds for a few bucks plus actual shipping. One mans trash etc. It would be a service. I have a soft sided suede Galco RH IWB for a Kel Tec PF 9 free. You pay whatever the UPS store charges me. I also have a hard nylon Uncle Mike's OWB full frame revolver belt holster. That one is five bucks plus shipping.
  3. FQ13

    New to fly tying

    I posted in the survival central, but I thought I'd park the post here. I was looking at Cabelas last night (always dangerous) and they had their delux fly tying kit with a wooden box, all the tools and a vice on sale for $29. So I figured how bad can it be? I reckon this will let me tie streamers, clousers, and make my own buck tail jigs, which should save money. The question is, where do I go for materials? The big boxes don't have what you want unless you order a materials kit which has a lot of stuff I don't need. And sadly our two local fly shops died (thank you Gander Mountain). I know that's hypocritical as I just bought from a big box, but I had no choice. Anyway, if any of you tie flies or make jigs and can hook me up with a source for materials I'd be grateful. All I need is some marabou, peacock hearl and fishair, with a box of long shanked #6 hooks and I'm golden..
  4. FQ13

    Vicodin Addiction?

    Thats the one part I actually like. Its a hell of a lot cheaper to get someone sober then to deal with the problems a junkie causes.
  5. And this a good thing why? Anyone dumb enough and with a basic lack of self respect and commonsense to put up with that should not be allowed to reproduce. He'll grow up to be a Kennedy or a Bush, or any other well connected moron who gets into power through his connections gained from joining the rigut frat. Frankly the charge should be failure to castrate the guy when they had the chance. They should get the pruning shears out for all involved.
  6. FQ13

    This is how knockout should be played.

    Reason the first why CCW isn't just a right but a responsibilty. Note to Bloomberg and Rahm. Thugs like this aren't afraid of you or your cops. The only way to change their behavior is to make them afraid of their victims. As the man said, lesson learned. Gun control laws teach a very different lesson, and given he admitted ti six priors, its the wrong one.
  7. FQ13

    Vicodin Addiction?

    For 44K it better have hot and cold running hookers to help me ease the pain of withdrawal symptoms.Hell, you could almost buy two bricks of .22 for that money.
  8. Nope, no reppressed homosexuality here boss. Nothing like twisted gay S@M at all, just move along. Oi vey! Makes me glad I did ROTC, the frat that pays you to join and the only real haze was the gas tent.
  9. This. And the same is true of currency. Its a commodity like any other and its worth exactly what someone is willing to pay, or sell for it. Too much currency and the price drops, eg inflation. Too lttle and the buying power goes up. Same with gold. Its worth exactly what I'm willing to give you for it. I think a lot of folks are going to get hosed when gold prices drop, the same way they did when real estate prices did. You can tell yourself its a tangible commodity, but when it comes time to sell its no different than a stock certificate.
  10. FQ13


    Actually it does make a certain amount of sense. If they had employees eyeball every package and figure out what the closet route was it would take either a lot more employees or slow things down a lot. OTOH, taking every package that comes in and sending it to the sorting center where thats asll they do is going to speed things up overall in the grand scheme of things even if there will be occasions like this where it will slow down a few individual items. Frankly I have been very pleased with USPS. I rarely have to wait more than a week for anything and they are much cheaper than UPS.
  11. I'll tell you whats crazy. Its dating this guy. What woman in her right mind would want to be part of the drama now? Its like hes in his own reality show, but wasn't smart enough to sell it to a network first.
  12. FQ13

    Beer can stove. Pretty cool.

    I caught that too. You save the scraps to fill the IED with. As the man said, its recyclable.:-)
  13. FQ13

    Beer can stove. Pretty cool.

    Excellent idea! Turns out hippies are good for something after all. Who'd a thunk it?:-)
  14. Kind of makes you wish traynon had won. This guy has to do two things, stay out of trouble and avoid the press. How hard is that?
  15. FQ13

    What's it like outside?

    G forgot to mention the twenty mph winds and six to ten foot seas. Its warm, yeah, but the fishing is shot. Oh well, the surfers are happy.
  16. Take him out and let him kill something. A duck, a deer or a fish. It doesn't matter. Getting up in the small hours is unatural. But as un PC as it is to say this, that atavistic blood lust for the hunt is still there. I could write sonnets about how pretty a duck marsh is before dawn or how beautiful the sunrise is over the beach and I'd be telling the honest truth and the hippies would love it. But in point of fact, I'm there to catch fish or shoot ducks. The scenery is a bonus. Get your sons hands bloody and he'll be waking you up same as Christmas morning.Its an evolutionary drive.
  17. Right there with you G. Unless I'm in a match or someone is shooting back at me I like the AE just fine. I've shot it in various calibers for years with no complaints. I've taken their .44 mag deer and hog hunting when I still had my carbine and it was perfectly satisfactory.
  18. FQ13

    Obama wants to put a target on your back!

    Forget the spying thing for a minute. Why in Gods name would we want to help any nation, even Canada develop te hnology to compete with ours? And isn't in our interest to have them dependent on our GPs so in event off conflict we can block their access? This assuming we are smart enough to have built that tech in before selling it.
  19. FQ13

    got great news this morning

    Be sure to post the wedding and or baybe shower. We could probably come up with a few thirty round mags so the little tyke has some deniable goodies twenty years from now.
  20. FQ13

    White Supremacist finds out he's 14% black

    In Louisiana, under the old laws, 1\32 made you black. That was probably half the state, but it was the "one drop" rule.
  21. FQ13

    got great news this morning

    Yep, forget ammo. Its pampers in your bugout bag. But I'm sure they make them in cammo. If not PM me. Together we'll get rich. ROFL.
  22. FQ13

    White Supremacist finds out he's 14% black

    But he wouldn't do "the terrorist fist bump" with her! Lord that was funny. Idiot!
  23. And Republicans. I don't recall Reagan or either Bush repudiating it either. They have to win the caucuses there as well.
  24. If you're on the net you'll feel a cold wet nose pressed against your throat and hear bambi say "I could have had you anytime". Hunt!
  25. BTW IF you are hunting, and I didn't realize this, get off the net and hunt. A deer has probably lifted its leg on your tree and pissed on it as he saw you were texting. Hunt now, text later. ROFL.