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  1. Is that a 3" barrel? You don't see those very often around here. I would love to have one. That is the perfect length.
  2. What would you recommend for someone who is the middle of a Chapter 13 and not allowed to have any credit accounts of any kind.
  3. I have had my debit card swiped one time, and my bank caught it instantly, put a hold on it, cancelled the next day after I called them back, then issued me a new card. I have heard this happens most often at gas pumps. No idea why that is.
  4. I use this too, plus I just added AdBlock to my Chrome browser and I'm a happy surfer.
  5. Alden

    I've been busy.

    I can never approach what you are doing, but I do what I can!
  6. I was reading through this thread early this morning and went and rounded up all my .22lr ammo and counted it. I bought most of it during the last "big scare" and paid on average around $15 per 500 rounds. I have about 6k left. I have not shot any of it for a long time. I will probably not shoot much of it at all, now. When I was shooting a lot I was going through about 1k a year, so it's not like I used it all up quickly even then.
  7. Alden

    Retro shaving

    Kenny has some really nice straight razors. Maybe he will show up and show us some.
  8. Alden

    Retro shaving

    Why not buy a chromed steel or stainless steel DE razor that will last you 30 years, and pay .50 cents a month for blades? I've never used shave butter, but I have used Cremo and Neutrogena shave creams. They are excellent. I really like Van Der Hagen and Proraso shave soaps and hot water with a boar or badger brush best though. You can get the brushes cheap, by the way. Boar brushes are a lot less expensive than badger hair brushes, and I don't notice much difference. I only used a half hour the first couple of times, now it's about 15-20 minutes. Once you figure out what you are doing it's not that difficult. The DE razor is even faster, about 10 minutes on average.
  9. Wow. That's not something you see every day.
  10. Alden

    Retro shaving

    I can tell you how to get a good one cheaply. You see the old one in the picture above? The one that looks gray? That's a 1925 Palmer, made in Soligen, Germany. I found it at an antique store. It was in rough shape, so I got it cheap, $25 bucks, then I went online and found out how to clean it up and get it shave-ready. It took me about a week of working on it off and on to get it back in shape. Go here, become a member and start asking questions. These guys are great. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/search.php?searchid=8754470 Now, the Palmer is a sweet little cut throat.
  11. Alden

    Retro shaving

    You know that cartridge type multiblades actually contribute to the bumps and ingrown hairs, right? Some people think they actually cause them. Just shave twice a week or so. The old school razors are called DE razors (Double Edge) and you can get them pretty cheaply on Ebay. I got two that way, a Chinese made Wieshi and a 1960 Gillette Super Speed like my dad used. I use both and love the Gillette, but my favorite is a Merkur I got off Amazon.com. One 100 pack of Astra DE blades off Amazon was about $11.00 and will last me about two years. I can get 8 good shaves from one DE blade. Straight razor shaving is not as scary as everyone thinks. It takes technique and it takes practice. That being said, I prefer using a DE razor 90% of the time. I get magnificently close shaves now, and the Proraso shaving soaps are fantastic.
  12. Alden

    Retro shaving

    Anybody here into old style shaving? It's something else I have fallen into in the last few months. Very satisfying and enjoyable, as opposed to using the multiblade cartridge style ripoff razors. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/04/26/how-to-shave-like-your-grandpa-an-instructional-film-video/ http://www.artofmanliness.com/2014/01/31/how-to-shave-with-a-straight-razor-video/
  13. http://happyplace.someecards.com/31064/chinese-hotel-lays-out-its-rules-for-all-customers
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