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  1. Rock River Mid-length, Noveske 1-7 barrel & bolt, Command Arms SR25 sniper stock, Bushmaster Y-Comp brake, Yankee Hill Quad Rail, Falcon Menace Counter Sniper 4-14 FFP optics, Harris bipod. 1 MOA accurate to 800 yards (using 80gr SMKs).
  2. I love my RR rifle, and I would highly recommend them to anyone that will listen. The fit and finish is right up there with the top-of-the-line ARs, and the customer service is as good as it gets. In addition to all that, they make the best factory 2-stage trigger out there for the AR platform. Man, all this talk makes me want to run out and buy another one!
  3. None of the above.......It's a new one: Red Dawn Survivorman Versus Everything and/or Everyone
  4. Haven't ever seen a bad Aimpoint product. They're a little more expensive than some of their competition, but the products rock. You truly get what you pay for from these guys.
  5. Remington 870 Tactical shotgun (close quarters and bird hunting) FNAR 7.62 Tactical rifle (Big game, sniping, cover fire) Springfield XDM 40 (for anything that falls outside or in between the first two boom sticks)
  6. That would be an ammo issue, I'm betting. I have never had any luck consistantly cycling any of my ARs with the UMC junk, and a lot of other .223 civilian loads too. The 5.56 NATO mil surp stuff rarely if ever has that problem in my weapons. Use the Lake City surplus if you can find it and if you can't, the SERBIAN PRVI NATO stuff is awesome at a very reasonable .36 cents a round.....At least 1/2 the price of the Lake City with the same quality and performance. Widener's has the PRVI in stock now: http://www.wideners.com/itemdetail.cfm?ite...;dir=18|830|845 G-Dog
  7. I use a Pelican hard case to haul my rifles to and fro. They are pricey, but you can count on them protecting your rifle from virtually any impact. If you've got some serious $$$$ wrapped up in your shooting stick, don't skimp on it's travelling container. I broke a Leupold in half a few years ago when I dropped the soft bag I was carrying it in. Since that day, I always use the best hard cases I can get, and I never have any problems.
  8. Awesome rifle and some killer groups!
  9. congrats on your mid-summer xmas!!!
  10. RRA mid-length, stock action & barrel (16" 1-9). It's had a number of sub-moa days at 300+ (when the wind isn't blowin' too much), and is pretty reliable out to 575 or so using 69 grain Sierra MK hand loads.
  11. Boxers rock. They are a great family dog....very protective, and they love kids. I've had several and they've all been great companions.
  12. I'm going to go off the board and choose that Wascally Wabbit. Seems like he and the Road Runner ALWAYS win :oh yea:
  13. OMG......The freakshow seems to be expanding everywhere I look!
  14. Lake City 5.56 ammo is showing up everywhere right now. They made a serious surplus in the last 6 months, and we're reaping the benefits I just wish the price would go back down close to where it was a year or so ago. But that will never happen, I'm quite sure!
  15. On my RRA mid-length, switching to the free-float handguard improved my long-range results by nearly 1/2 MOA. I used a bipod that was barrel-mounted and I'm sure that was a big part of the problem.
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