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  1. Seawolf

    Tacital Latch

    I just purchased one of these http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-GUNFIGH...h%20mod%204.htm
  2. Seawolf


    Right now I have a 9" YHM that weighs in at 17oz and I'm looking to shave some weight without breaking the bank. Looks like this new T series is just what I need. The web site says the 9" weighs in at 11oz so if anyone has any middy photos they can post that would be great. thanks Also, if I want to cover a low pro gas block could i do it with a 10" or do I need a 12" rail?
  3. Seawolf

    Cop vs 1st Ammendment

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm guessing that Officer was a product of Affirmative Action, but I could be wrong. He was an idiot. I carry a pocket Constitution with me in my car at work and I read it frequently.
  4. Seawolf

    What cops supplies do YOU guys have to provide?

    Some agencies have to provide take home cars as part of a contract and it's considered a benefit much like medical care or life insurence. In many agencies it's used as a baganing chip when contract negotiations come up. Some of the smaller agencies require you to live within a certain range of the city to have a takehome car as well.
  5. Seawolf

    1911 picture thread

    Getting ready to strip the frame and repark (not happy with the home bake job I did) and start over, but here is a Pic shortly after the first paint.
  6. I actually like it a lot. So far it holds zero very well and it's been just as sturdy as any aimpoint. Would I take it on a tour through Iraq? probably not, but IMO it would do fine in a carbine course or for range use. You get a very nice red dot for the money with this sight and it comes with a limited warrenty so no worries. Marshal at Primary Arms is good people and he takes care of his customers.
  7. Primary Arms http://www.primaryarms.com/main.sc M3 style 3 reticle site. Has selection between and my favorite I basically get a EOTech style reticle in a Aimpoint 2moa style sight. I know some elite frown on these "Clones" but this one is a lot better quality than the cheap stuff you find on ebay. It comes with a nice warranty and Marshal is one of the best when it comes to customer service. Here's a few pics of mine From marshal's website
  8. Seawolf

    Optics for AR

    I was in the same boat. First rifle on a limited budget. After reading through a few threads on another forum about Primary Arms I placed an order and have been very happy so far. Marshal is good people and he will treat you right. http://www.primaryarms.com/main.sc I opted for the M3 style red dot he had for sale with 3 selectable reticles. The nice thing was my fav reticle was a EOTech style circle with a dot in the middle. It cowitnesses great and comes with either a standard mount or a canted mount so you can use a magnifier. He does not advertise these as Aimpoint quality, but he does offer a warranty and his customer service is top notch. I would put his sights on par with the Vortex in quality. One day I will get a nice EOTech or Aimpoint, but in the meantime Marshal's sight fits the bill nicely. Shoot him an email if you have any questions. Here are some picks of my setup on a Bushy midlength.
  9. I work in Law Enforcement. I had thought at one time about joining the border patrol. I wanted to move out west and I thought it would make a difference, but then I saw how the Government completely hung those two agents out to dry and it changed my mind as it did with a lot of people. Who in the hell would want to go enforce a border when the very people you work for will side with a drug smuggler over their own agents. Sad The first time one of these Guardsmen has to engage a drug smuggler and kills him what happens next? A Court Marshal? pretty scary. The money that we spent bailing out AIG or in handouts to ACORN we could have built a wall and thrown some electric fence on top of it.
  10. Hey guys, I'm new here and new to the AR15. My experience over the years has been with the Navy and later on in Law Enforcement. My operational experience with the AR15 did not come until later in life so now I am learning from scratch. I just recently finished my first build and I ended up with a midlength heavy barrel setup with a YHM quad rail. Not to sound like a complete whimp but I find the whole thing to be heavy! Add the red dot, flashlight,etc and it gets even worse. Now I after I finished the build I realized that the emphasis by a lot of folks was weight and ways to reduce the overall weight of the rifle. Based on my experience with handguns I have found that the heavier the gun the more recoil is absorbed through the gun. I am guessing the same is true with heavier rifles. The setup I have now is very accurate and fun for the range, but I doubt I would want to go through a week long course with it moving and shooting. My question is what should I be looking at as far as weight for a home defense/training rifle? What length barrel would be optimal? right now I have a 16" 1:9 5.56 chrome lined heavy barrel with a standard A2 birdcage flash hider, which extends it out to almost 18" I've seen a lot about the 14.5" light barrels with a flash hider extending it to 16" so would that be my best upgrade to reduce weight? I'll stop now and listen to the masters. lol
  11. Seawolf


    IMO it's a win win with MILITEC-1. Not only do you get a top notch lubricant, but you support our troops at the same time. I've used this stuff for about a year and it's been great so far. A lot of oils will start breaking down as soon as heat is applied, but this stuff doesn't start to really perform until things start to heat up. There is an article on their site that talks about the Lynch incident in Iraq and how several of the soldier's weapons jammed using just CLP, which promted the Army to look into alternatives. MILITECH-1 was one of those alternatives and so far it has gotten a lot of praise from the guys/gals on the ground over there.
  12. Seawolf

    AR15 Picture Thread Part II

    My first post here so I figured I would add my first build.