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  1. I have the Dan Wesson Razorback , The Colt Delta Elite , the S&W 610 , and a recently acquired Smith and Wesson 1006. They are all fun to shoot but the 1006 gets the nod for fun to shoot, the razorback for 200 yard shots and the 610 for killing tin cans. Great guns all. high plains drifter
  2. Found my problem to loading 10mm. After much help, that did help from the members, I found the final problem to be crushing the cases when loading . The RCBS turret loader was bent! The turret and the uploading die were not in alignment and crushed the case in the last 1/8 inch by making contact with the case at an angle putting torque on the whole case. This took a lot of work to find , BUT RCBS was very quick to send a new loader and it works perfectly. high plains drifter
  3. Sorry for the delay. I'll look for the springs and rod today at the gunshow. Thanks again. high plains drifter
  4. Welcome from the high desert of Nevada. high plains drifter
  5. I'm going to have to try another scope I have, with all sorts of range lines in it to adjust for those long ranges. You could probably get hit at that range and not be injured too badly.(I think). On the Leupold there are no range lines so it took adjusting for range by the vertical line in the scope. By the way the bullets were especially loaded for long range (not by me). Might try for a mile. Probably won't hit the dirt. high plains drifter
  6. The scope was a variable 10 power leupold. high plains drifter
  7. It's standing free hand with the pistols. No rest. For the 6mm I used a sandbag. Much easier. high plains drifter
  8. Beautiful day today so my buddy and I went out for some long range shooting. The Sig 1911 45 is really nice to shoot. The action is very smooth but 150 yards is about the limit for good accuracy. Used 230 rn reloads. Could do better with factory I'm sure. The DELTA ELITE 10mm using 165 gr berry bullets has a sharper recoil but is very manageable and has a much longer range being accurate at 200 to 250 yards. Getting tired of shooting pistols, I broke out the 6mm remington 700 rifle. We used 6mm 100 gr bullets with nosler tips. We sighted in with a 10 power scope at 430 yards . Finally got it down to hitting a 4 inch target. Then for fun we moved out to 1400 yards. That was tougher but finally got it down to a 2 foot target. Couldn"t hardly see the target very well with the naked eye. Fairly regular hits on the target. All ranges were with a rangefinder except the 1400 yard target. It wouldn't range that far so we had to take a range and then walk to a point and then range again to the target. Quigley would be proud. high plains drifter
  9. The Shadow corrected my reloading problem by doing exactly as he says. I bought the Lee factory die and that was the end of the problem. high plains drifter
  10. I bought my Delta Elite 10 mm a few months ago and when I cleaned it , it had a 2 piece metal spring and a metal rod. It shot perfectly. Was this changed out before I got it or were some of them sold with the steel spring? high plains drifter
  11. My Razorback is truly a nice gun. Well made, feels good in hand and shoots long range extremely accurate. Sits well in holster. You'll love yours. high plains drifter
  12. Winchester 231 works great. Measures very smoothly and evenly giving nice loads that are fun to shoot. high plains drifter
  13. Merry Christmas from the High Desert. high plains drifter
  14. Ooops , put it in the wrong forum. high plains drifter
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