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  1. Hi Guys, New to this AR-15 stuff and seen several terms like middy, carbine etc. etc. I assumed this has to do with size can someone please enlighten a rookie ? Any infromation would be greatly appreciate. Thanks., BTH
  2. Hi Guys, I am thinking about doing my first build and was wondering how does the lower receiver impact the accuracy of the rifle ? The reason I am asking I have a standard AR and the one I am thinking about building would be used for varmint hunting. Thanks, BTH
  3. thanks SSGN_DDOC, I heard on that trigger you need to bend the spring to adjust the first stage do you know if that is true ? BTH
  4. Hi Guys, Thinking about upgrading my trigger on my MP15T with either the Geiselle or Jewell Trigger ? Any input on either trigger ? Thanks, BTH
  5. Nice, Let us know how she does. BTH
  6. I have Nosler, Speer, Sierra, Hornady, A-square, Barnes, and Norma and the one I used the most is is "Nick Harvey's Practical Reloading Manual. BTH
  7. Will that was eye opening. Thanks for posting it. BTH
  8. Have shot 100 rounds no problems yet. BTH
  9. No problem with my Brownells in my MP. BTH
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