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  1. sonrider657

    Double Star VS Spikes Tactical

    I have both a DoubleStar and a Spike's. The take-down pin holes on the Spikes are VERY tight with all of my Uppers. The DoubleStar is perfect. All things being equal, I would pick DoubleStar. If it was $10 cheaper, even better.
  2. sonrider657

    Rand Paul - true 2nd Amendment Supporter for U.S. Senate!

    Rand Paul won BIG in the Primary! Do it again in November for the win!
  3. sonrider657

    DoubleStar, Thumbs Up!

    +1 My DoubleStar is my go-to gun.
  4. sonrider657

    AR Scope Mount Suggestions

    LaRue Tactical is tough to beat but they are very expensive.
  5. sonrider657

    Troy dioptic...any thoughts

    I love the concept but I have yet to see these sights in person.
  6. sonrider657

    Insight Technologies

    Insight was just purchased by L-3 Communications so expect the culture to begin changing to a more "corporate feel". They do make good products.
  7. sonrider657

    Cheap Pmags

    At a gun show.
  8. sonrider657

    Eotech FTS 3x mag

    I had one. It was too big and heavy. I traded it for a 3X Trijicon ACOG and I am much happier.
  9. sonrider657

    Cheap Pmags

    I picked up some non-widowed pmags for $12.50 each two weeks ago.
  10. sonrider657

    I have a project for the future!

    Don't buy the Duracoat "KIT". It comes with a junky airbrush (mine did not work at all). Just buy the paint you need and buy a Badger airbrush (the basic model is only $25).
  11. sonrider657

    Tactical Flashlight pounds nails

    Static force is very different than impact force. The electronics in that light are not being tested at all, just the aluminum tube. A piece of pipe from the local hardware store would endure more force than that.
  12. Pretty impressive demo: I don't think many chinese lights could do that.
  13. sonrider657

    First AR

    Nice rifle and great optic. I would lose all of the chicom clutter but if you're happy with it that's what matters. Welcome to the addiction!
  14. sonrider657

    optic recomendations

    Good choice in holding out for a genuine Trijicon ACOG. Nothing compares. Buy once, cry once.
  15. sonrider657

    Back Up Sights with ACOG

    Troy seems to be the benchmark but they are spendy.