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  1. Another interesting infographic. Click the link to see the full-size picture - http://www.bloomberg.com/infographics/2014-03-13/vanishing-planes-mapped-since-1948.html
  2. Curiouser & CURIOUSER... Malaysian police search pilot's home after learning flight tracker was turned off in cockpit Hmmmm... doesn't EXACTLY 'narrow it down,' as it were...
  3. The War Wagon


    Like a lot of 'em - they look better on "MUTE."
  4. We know how Der Kommissar Obamassar feels about those eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Korean-stored 'assault' M1 Carbines! Can you imagine how apoplectic he'd get, seeing that lead football the 'assault' Brown Bess fires?
  5. Awww... maybe I could kiss it and make me it better...
  6. Can't believe the humorless sorts at CL haven't pulled it yet!
  7. The War Wagon


    If I knew what motivated half the people who CLAIM to be... "entertainers"... in this country, I could CURE us of American Idle while I was at it!
  8. Had to use the "assailants gun." Bet he owns his OWN by this time NEXT week...
  9. Especially if he lives in a free state, and can stick more than a Schnauzer/Whinestein 10rd. mag in it!
  10. There goes SOMEONE'S career in maintenance!!!
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