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  1. I say we work harder at letting the government know that we will not stand for being stepped on. By first writing our congressmen and women and our senators, then if all else fails worry about a revolution.
  2. I think a Savage action with a Pac Nor barrel chambered in .243win with a Leopold scope, aluminum bedded stock, and a suppressor.
  3. Wow EBR that is one sexy choice thinks guys so it unanimous Fulton Armory for the win.
  4. I am looking for my next buy and have settled on buying a M14 style rifle. I am just not sure what company i should choose any help is appreciated.
  5. Hey pepper been a while since I have heard from you looks like all funnily have to get a membership.
  6. I know I have been gone for a while was still wondering if this traditions still holding up?
  7. I just wish i could thin the cop for doing his job.
  8. I was wondering if any one had any favorite loads for a .45ACP? I am reloading for a Full Size USP any suggestions or load data would be appreciated greatly.
  9. I perfer a small collection but the ammo is the right amount.
  10. Does any one else out their listen to podcast's? If so have you heard of the Gun Dudes they are hella funny.
  11. 9mm it is easy to control recoil and get decent double taps.
  12. I think they are to dumb to be handling firearms.
  13. Hey you all i had a question if i was gone sell an my AR15 what would be a reasonable price? Its this upper http://www.adxtactical.com/store/pc/viewPr...;idcategory=166 On a DPMS lower, with A2 stock and ,DPMS LPK. Only 650 rounds through it?
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