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  1. Nice! I can't wait to get the moeny to order one of them
  2. MedicOni

    Kid calls

    That sucks. Out of all the calls I've run, pedi calls always stick with me. Although it's amazing they got ROSC at all from a trauma arrest. The dad thought quick.
  3. Hmmm note to self, never admit on here that I'm below... what's a safe age? 70? Yea that's about right.
  4. Young yes, but didn't vote for Obama :p
  5. Never heard of them until now...
  6. When I finally get an AR built that's exactly the handguard I want on it.
  7. Looks like a good deal! I got to shoot a CD at one of the ranges in ABQ and actually liked it.
  8. This is awesome. Once I start working again, I'd be tempted to pick one of these up just to convert it to 10mm
  9. people still use checks? :p
  10. I would be screwed. Truck with offroad tires and tattoos :p
  11. In CO I've got just a basic cert, so that makes it harder to find work. I'll add AMR Denver to my list though of AMR divisions to email about positions. I'm starting to think AMR doesnt' post half of what they need on their website.
  12. Cop shoulda just let him have whatever his stupidity earned him.
  13. Ya know I graduated in 06 and it wasn't this bad. But then again I went to school in a town of under 10k, and seeing rifles in gun racks of trucks and most of us carrying knives was nothing unusual.
  14. I'll take your place and you can go to the range :D I miss doing EMS right now so bad I'll take anything.
  15. Wow, I musta been out of it while I was typing the original. I meant drawing with the left hand out of a right handed holster at 730. Drawing out of a left handed holster right there just doesn't feel as comfortable to me, since I would draw it palm facing in.
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