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  1. Got Sheila a 380EZ. Nice little gun for her. She has not had a bit of trouble with it...I am now wondering if she could step up to a EZ9....
  2. Will miss this wonderful gentleman.
  3. I am a retied police officer in a large metropolitan city ....I can't tell you all how many times I have a case when reporters showed up...Mostly they were from the Biggest newspaper in the city.. When I would read the news paper the next morning {sort of dates me reading the newspaper} I could not believe my eyes that I was reading about the same case that I had handled... That was my first lesson in fake news. It certainly has graduated since then...Right out of the hand book..
  4. blessed


    If President Trump is re-elected It will be a good year..
  5. More that fishy my friend...people need to be prosecuted and sent to jail including some in the media... We have to get into the deep state and get action pest control to get these rats out..
  6. I know this is a four year old topic...Any thing new on reasonable priced 10mm Range ammo..
  7. Don't know if it's made anymore 125 grain HP Nyclads
  8. YEA for eighty year olds. I'll be there in a bit over a year..
  9. I probably have a few from almost every popular company. Two Pro mags just crumpled after two uses threw them away.. A Tripp 1911 10 mm .nose dives the first round if I load ten rounds in it. All the rest are fine. Some of the U.S military mags I have been using for fifty years no problems.
  10. That is one heck of a group. Great trigger control...
  11. Not only that, but Glocks are easy to replace. They are easy to find and inexpensive. In case you have to use it and the police take it for evidence... Bottom line, very reliable...
  12. Now that I am old and arthritic plus over weight I usually carry a two inch revolver in my pocket. When I feel up to it I will carry my G19 or G26. If I go to a part of town that is sort of shady I will grab my HK P2000 Lem lite in 357 sig.
  13. Looks O.K. to me. I do have mixed feelings on a light...
  14. Good shooting. My tens shoot great also. I like shooting my own handloads the best...
  15. Could not be happier with my Nighthawk. My brother fell in love with it and bought a new NH Talon. Both are 45's. My tens are G20 and Colts Delta Elite. Both are great.
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