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  1. blessed

    NON +P .38 Special

    Don't know if it's made anymore 125 grain HP Nyclads
  2. blessed

    Caressing a Python

    YEA for eighty year olds. I'll be there in a bit over a year..
  3. blessed

    Worst mags ever.

    I probably have a few from almost every popular company. Two Pro mags just crumpled after two uses threw them away.. A Tripp 1911 10 mm .nose dives the first round if I load ten rounds in it. All the rest are fine. Some of the U.S military mags I have been using for fifty years no problems.
  4. blessed

    Range Report - New Load Test

    That is one heck of a group. Great trigger control...
  5. blessed

    Favorite Concealed Carry Firearm

    Not only that, but Glocks are easy to replace. They are easy to find and inexpensive. In case you have to use it and the police take it for evidence... Bottom line, very reliable...
  6. blessed

    Favorite Concealed Carry Firearm

    Now that I am old and arthritic plus over weight I usually carry a two inch revolver in my pocket. When I feel up to it I will carry my G19 or G26. If I go to a part of town that is sort of shady I will grab my HK P2000 Lem lite in 357 sig.
  7. blessed

    Too much?

    Looks O.K. to me. I do have mixed feelings on a light...
  8. blessed

    Every Time I Wonder Why I Got A 10mm

    Good shooting. My tens shoot great also. I like shooting my own handloads the best...
  9. blessed

    Nighthawk Custom Predator 10MM

    Could not be happier with my Nighthawk. My brother fell in love with it and bought a new NH Talon. Both are 45's. My tens are G20 and Colts Delta Elite. Both are great.
  10. blessed

    Any problems with the Lone Wolf barrel in the G20?

    I just got a KKM for my gen2 G20. Have not shot it yet. The workmanship is spectacular, cannot find anything visually wrong.
  11. blessed

    Opinions on these grip panel colors

    Yes, red for me too...
  12. blessed

    10mm sizing

    I purchased the carbide push thru die from Redding and also lightly lube case's Have not seen any smileys on my case's. I have found the brass that was shot in my Glock to be harder to push thru the Redding. Brass from my Delta will just slide thru. Have not used any warm reloads. 8.5 PP with 180 Hornady HP's with Winchester primers are very accurate and do not show high signs of pressure. I also use Lee and RCBS 10mm dies. Case's have to go thru these to size the necks of the cases, Redding will not do it. Thank you Shadow and sqlbullet for responding.
  13. I just got a Redding push thru sizing die. My question is, do I re size first with my full length re size/decapping die and then use the redding push thru, or do I use the push thru first and then use the full length decapper die. I know it is basically for forty S&W but have read I can use it for my 10mm and 357 sig. I shoot a G-20 and a Delta Elite...
  14. blessed

    Colt Delta Elite

    You chose well. Sharp looking pistol...
  15. blessed

    Colt Delta Elite Grips

    Just got a set of Hakan snake-wood grips from Randy for my new Delta.. They are just splendid. Pictures just don't do it for the beauty of the wood and workmanship. Randy is a true gentleman to do business with.