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  1. Tracer

    Type of Ammo for Hunting

    I too like those Hornady bullets, use the 75grn in the .243 and the 100 grn weight in the 25-06. The wife likes her .223 and uses the 55 grn Hornady in her rifle. We also shoot the Sierra bullets a bunch and they are a bit more accurate for target shooting in our rifles. We seldom get a shot over 200 yards and 50% are less than 70 yardsl.
  2. Tracer

    Speaking of ATVs

    In 2004 we purchased a new HONDA 450 Foreman with the electric shift (bad idea) and it has taken me some 6 years to get that machine to shift properly. It is only used for chores around our place, has close to 400 miles on it now, still going strong. I got the wife a Yamaha 500 last year with power steering and it is a blast to ride gents. She does not get tried trying to steer it in the woods and the suspension is just right for her. I later picked up a 700 but had problems with it's tranny several times, got ride of the lemon and went back to the 500 Yamaha like the wife's machine and really do like to ride them. The easy to steer is a pleasant thing to have if your over 45 years of age let me tell you.
  3. I just sent back #2 of those Lone Wolf barrels for my Glock-20 and Glock-29! They did NOT shoot as good a group as the stock Glock barrels and in my G-20 it shot 3.5 to 4 inches low at 35 feet using the same ammo. I broke both barrels in using jacketed HP and FMJ ammo (350 rounds each) so there should have not been a problem. I can tell you that after receiving a KKM barrel for my wife's Glock model 27, I took it to the range and placed it into her pistol, it fired 2 inch groups off hand at 15 yards with Federal FMJ ammo in the 180 grn weight. I do have #2 more KKM match barrels coming next week for my CCW 10mm pistols.
  4. Tracer

    10mm 135gr for Hunting or ??

    I don't shoot anything lighter in bullet weight than a 165 grn in my Glock 10mm pistols! If I were going to go deer hunting, I would use either the 180 or 200 grn bullet weight.....lots of penetration you bet.
  5. Tracer

    10mm penetration vs 44mag

    Now if carrying a pistol on your person as I do is fine and dandy but I only do so as a last resort and I would be lucky enough to be able to use this pistol while the bear is mauling my body. However, please don't get caught up in the pistol energies that are actually far to low to be suited for any bears (until you hit the .454 Casuls and upward) best to take a bear caliber rifle and have that in your hands to take care of any type of bears period. A 30-30 Winchester with heavy bullets is ok for those 150 to 200 pound blackies but what happens when that bear that turns around the corner to face you is a 500 pounder? Ya, you best have the rifle in your hands, those that propect in hunting the bears in the woods! I for the most part used a model 70 Winchester in .375 H&H caliber wilth a 270 grn bullet on blacks and grizzly's. The 2 big bears I shot were killed with a 300 grn Woodleigh bullet in .375H&H and a .416-Rem mag in model 70 Winchester, bullet was 350 grn TBBC bullet.
  6. Your right! You need to get your head examined first. If you want to be a stuntman, go out to the West coast and go to the school. Your type of riding gives motorcycling a bad name, I have no use for those who jack around on the highway and paved roads acting like a embecile while riding a motorcycle.
  7. Tracer

    Gas mileage

    The last time I gauged the fuel in the big cruiser (YAMAHA Royal Star Venture) the wife and I got 44mpg on a windy day
  8. I would not pick the Harley for personal reasons! However, I will tell you that the V-MAX is one hell of a FAST BIKE!!! If you have not ridden a motorcycle much, you best back down to something a lot less intimidating and not so damn quick ok. I do like the Honda's and Yamaha's, good price for what you are getting and they run forever...........not much down time on either. I myself have a modified raked chopper with a 103 pumping out the horses but I cruise with the wife on a YAMAHA ROYAL STAR VENTURE, also a 4 cly like the V-MAX just not as dialed in for lots of quick speed. The Venture is a large interstate hwy cruising bike, weighs 900-lbs, I never get out of overdrive going up steep hills with the wife and baggage loaded up, it has 106-HP.
  9. How fast you say! Well which time out the gate? I once turned 145mph on a Norton and later on hit the 160+ on a Yamaha 4cyl on the interstate. The bike had more left but the tires were not new and I backed off the throttle! Now at the dragstip I turned 132mph on a slicked up Kow 900 but that was a long time ago and nowdays I cruise at 73mph on the interstate.
  10. My question is why would one want to??? A 200 grn 10mm bullet coming out the barrel using Double Tap ammo is going over 1200fps. If you need more than that, try a revolver in a 44mag or locate a Desert Eagle etc. My lightweight Glock does all I need to have done on the street or off the street, as far as 2 legged perps go! The 1911 model frame was not designed for such stress that the 10mm caliber dishes out over all. You could get yourself a Dan Wesson in 10mm or a Smith & Wesson etc.
  11. Tracer

    Bullets and PD's

    On bullets I use what has proven to shoot tiny holes in targets at the range when it comes to my varmint/predator rifles. I also don't give a Hoot & Nanny about breaking the 4000 fps range, this just costs me a lot more money much sooner than exspected with barrel replacement. I try to keep my velocities around the 33 to 3400 fps range for those nagging P-dogs. I use the same velocity for predators too, sometimes dropping down to even 3100 fps using a larger weight bullet. Shooting critters over the last 4 decades has taught me that velocity is great but first comes accuracy and keeping my rifle in good shape by not gettilng it over heated nor pushing the envelope with bullets out the barrel above 3400fps. On "song dogs" I generally use my 1/4 bore (25-06) with a 75 to 100 grain bullet! If I am shooting them far out, I opt for the 100 grainer and it had done me a good job. Bullet wise I use Sierra or Hornady for the most part. They have proved to both shoot well in our rifles. The best part about that 25-06 is that one can shoot that dog from any angle and still kill him in his tracks. I swear by this caliber for predators but the wife tells me NO WAY! Her little .243 Winchester has taken more than a truck load of those pesky critters and she loves that 75 grain bullet by Hornady. I dare not try to convince her otherwise folks, I like piece and harmony in the house and hate sleeping on that blessed couch in the living room.LOL
  12. Tracer


    I don't use live traps......No way! I simply hit them with that .22Mag and put an end to their being a problem. One can use raw liver, raw chicken , peanut butter on crackers or bread. I used to catch as many Oposum as skunks really, more often as not. Sometimes I stake out a crippled bird and that too will do the job.
  13. Tracer

    Racoons and .22lr

    We raise pigeons and some of are birds are not cheap to replace, last month 3 coons tore open the roof of one of our lofts and simply killed 35 of our best flying birds. I have no problem shooting any coon around the house or lofts. It cost me a lot of money and time to raise up those birds and for those who say it's just an old pigeon, best you think again for some of those birds cost over $500 bucks a piece and that is chicken feed to what most good racing homers will bring. Now unless you are taking a "head shot" on that coon, chances are it will run off to the woods or under something it can hide in and later perhaps die or just heal up and come back later down the road. I have used the .22-LR but head shots only under 30 yeards. My main rifle is a Savage in the 22 Mag using a 40 or the newer 50 grain bullet by Federal, it will penetrate deep and take care of any coons with a proper body shot.
  14. Tracer

    moving from IL to MO

    Well ocme to the SHOW ME STATE! Yep, that place across the river just plan sucks for those who want to "bare arms" and protect themselves against those Low Lifes that would do harm to others. Once you get established, you simply take a 1 day course to attain your CCW permint, if your wanting to carry a concealed weapon. Then make a trip to the local sheriffs department etc and pick up your paper work..........there is a fee for this too and it varies according to your county etc. Nothing needed to bring other firearms into the state and have them in your home.
  15. Tracer

    10mm penetration vs 44mag

    GMOR, .............I am curious if you ever did do a penetration test on your .458 caliber rifle into wet newspaper? I myself doubt weather or not it will penetrate deep enough to reach the vitals of a bear and please don't tell me your going to shoot that bear in the head at full charge. I have seen such things and most never manage to hit the skull of a charging bear. I have to agree that being in bear country, one always needs to carry their pistol teathered to their belt and also a rifle in large enough caliber with enough bullet energy and size to dispatch the animal without a problem. A 30-06 with 200 grain or 220 grain bullets is proper or the lever guns in .444 Marlin 1895 or the .450 Marlin and 45/70 in the 1895 Marlin. I would leave out the Ruger #1 as it is a single shot gun.