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  1. Pointing Bullets like the John Whitton Pointing Die System http://www.whiddengunworks.net/pointingdie.html This is starting to get very popular in the long range field of shooting. Another reason I am interested in pointing bullets is to minimize the distortion of the points as they are fed into the chamber on the AR style of rifles. I am just learning how to work on the AR so I am more or less grasping for all the knowledge I can get even though it may be a waste of time.
  2. New Guy here am am new to the AR game. Been doing the Long Range Tactical game for 12 years but bolt guns only. Bought a new R-25 in .243 the other day and am trying new loads with different bullets. Haven't settled on any particular bulllet or load yet. I am trying to make my own pointed bullet die but was wondering if any of you guys have tried the "pointed bullets" in your AR yet or have any ideas on how to make them. I know that I should probably just go ahead and buy the $250 die but I am a DIY kinda guy. I also don't want to go to the trouble or expense on the pointing die needlessly if the AR will not benefit from it. From what I have read on the Benchrest forums, Whittons pointing die has increased BC benefits. Any thoughts. Larry
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