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  1. cwenande

    Good Information.

  2. cwenande

    My kids first builds

    nice, looking forward to hear how it runs
  3. cwenande

    Its comin

    Hoytultra tec with viper predator sight, Trophy Taker rest and CX 200 3D Selects. How about you? Should be a good year. The river bottom is flooded out and the deer that hide in there are being pushed to the high ground. Closer to my stands . I took the flatbottom boat out a few weeks ago just to get some stands out not all of them though. With the deer moving to the high ground means better nutrients means better bucks. last year brother shot a dang nice buck (net 148") 13" G2's. Best of luck to you all this year. Have any of you seen the price of the new Hoyt Carbon tec. $1500!! Ya it shoots nice like a dream but come on.
  4. cwenande

    Its comin

    Could not agree more with you guys. Archery season seems like a rock throws away. First Antelope on August 21 then deer on September 25. Gonna be a good year. Just mounted my new sight and just started tweeking a few things. Hope you guys have a good year of hunting craig
  5. cwenande

    Daniel Defense XV

    Nice!! Congrats and good shooting
  6. cwenande

    Need Help Building My 1st Ar-15!!

    Thats what I'm doing. Takes time, but I'm not drop'n a lump sum of cash at one time. Already have LPK and stock assembly. next will be the lower and then in a 2 or 3 months order the upper w/ iron sights and so on till I'm done with it. . Get the lower first since you need and FFL for the transfer and background check. I'm only building the lower not the upper. Figured I could build the next one after time at the range and figure out what I all want. There is alot of great advise here from everyone. They know a heck of alot more then I do. Good luck to you.
  7. I just ordered my MagPul CTR Milspec kit last weekend from G&R Tactical for my fist build. Had to wait a few extra weeks for the funds but I believe it will be worth it. Good luck to ya
  8. cwenande

    Have a couple questions.

    Thanks guys for all the input. You have all been very helpful. Talk to Larue tactical the other day, now need to get in touch with addax and make the decision. thanks again
  9. cwenande

    Have a couple questions.

    I'm not sure on optics yet. If I get the rifle and don't have optics I could use my SS 10x42M that currently sits on one of my bolt guns until I find what i'm looking for. Thanks for the responce and feedback guys.
  10. First and foremost, thank you to the people and companies that participate in this forum or in others. Your knowledge and experience is greatly appreciated when you share with the new guys. It allows us to ask questions to either clear up confusion or set us on the right path to making a decision. So I finally have the funds to purchase an AR for myself. With all the Obama madness- not the best time I know, but now is better then never. I just recently joined the sight and have been searching in past post in the beginner’s forum so I don’t ask the same question as someone else has. If some of it sounds redundant I apologize, I’m still looking through past post and have not made it to the other forums yet. The AR-15 will be used for varmint hunting; target’s and plinking (have fun). Not so much for home defense. The couple that I have been seriously considering is as follows: 5.56, .223 cal. RRA: A4 Varmint, 20” SS BBL, 1:8 twist RRA: Predator Pursuit, 20” SS BBL, 1:8 twist (not the top choice, but close) Bushmaster: Predator, 20” Heavy BBL, not sure on twist Addax: ATAC MK-1 (defiantly caught my eye) Tactical Stealth: LT011 18” BBL w/ 10” hand guard (really liked) I have been leaning to the A4 Varmint a lot. I would like to upgrade the lower with a Magpul CTR stock right away. I want to get the lower first since that requires an FFL. According to the sight you can upgrade the stock when you order it. I have been looking at different uppers. The Addax ATAC MK-1 upper and Larue Tactical Stealth LT011 18” BBL w/ 10” hand guard upper caught my eye. I have not called or talked with Addax or Larue Tactical yet. Just wanting some pro’s and con’s of the rifles mentioned and on Addax and Larue Tactical uppers. This will be my first AR-15. I have been around AR’s a little just never owned one. I do want the lower or upper to be complete when I order it. I can build one as my experience & knowledge grows with the rifle later on. Like I said, this is my first AR. Looking for pro’s, con’s, comments, concerns, suggestions. I will answer any questions to the best of my ability if you have any for me. I know everyone has there’s fav. but I’m trying to get the ducks in a row so I can get the upper and lower ordered. Thank you again and looking forward to learning more from reading and asking ?s. Sorry for the extremely long post. Just getting all the info out there for you, next time it will be short and to the point. Craig