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  1. Save all the trouble of these solvent recipes. I got a GNG tools bolt tail cleaner. 20 seconds and the bolt tail is free of all carbon and polished to a shine. Works every time with no solvent.
  2. Colt seems to think its a problem and says that if you dont clean the carbon off the bolt tail, you will eventually have a failure. Hope it's not when it counts. I got a different tool that cleans off the carbon by scraping, then polishes off all the little bits that are hard to take off. It only takes about 20 seconds to do the whole thing and man it looks great. No failures either. It's made by GNG tools and for $27 bucks it was worth every penny.
  3. Hands down the M900A. I switched from the M500A and love it. The VFG with the navigation LED lights to help when you just need a little light is perfect.
  4. You cant go wrong with either. Try to get access to them and try them to see which you like best.
  5. I tried both and stuck with the generation one. The generation two was easy to miss. The generation one has not been a problem as far as snagging on stuff, and it is super easy to grab and charge with.
  6. Ive been looking for one and cant find one yet either...
  7. I used some Krylon spray paint and it works great. Holds up to the heat and takes a pretty good beating. When it needs a touch up, its simple and inexpensive.
  8. Ive bought from them plenty of times. Always a good experience. I get my stuff quick and have never had a problem. Their prices are pretty good, and so far they have been very reliable.
  9. Slingsystems has a good three point sling in plenty of colors.
  10. Spend the money. Buy something reliable and useful. I've tried all kinds and love the EoTech. Perfect for the distances you are talking about and if you get the AA battery version, its very cheap to maintain.
  11. I've been using the M900 for a while now, and you can't beat it. I traded up from the M500 which was a good light, but a bit bulky. The M900 is a perfect fit in your hand and it doesnt feel cheap. The LED navigation lights are great when you just need a little light to see by and not ruin your night vision or when youre not lighting up a target...
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