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  1. warsteed

    Liberals go crazy over Beck's gun

    Who hear shot a decepticon recently? *raises hand* Beck had an awesome reply though. =)
  2. warsteed


    Shoot..i had that disease 12yrs ago the first time i used my A2 and pinged a crazy ivan during boot camp.
  3. warsteed


    BRD? Yeah, i've broken down the Colt many times. Every time i shoot it i clean it afterwards. Can't break it down as fast as i used to though...too lazy and too out of practice I have a friend that has several ar15 safe queens and he just shakes his head every time he sees mine.
  4. warsteed


    Thanks, ya'll answered it! (see i can add a little bit of my own country in. ) That's exactly what i was hoping for. Now to get my upper...sights... stock...sling adapters... bolt... etc etc etc... Rifles sure came a long way from my first one... and i'm not even that old!
  5. warsteed

    I went to court today..... Landlord's revenge.....

    I'm sorry to hear that you have such shatty tenants. I have to deal with this alot at work so i'm happy to see there's at least one landlord out there that does it right. The rest just seem to dial 911 right after telling the tenants "You owe me rent"
  6. warsteed

    Short Story of Racial Differences

    I didn't see any asians in the volleyball game. We must all be at the soccer game. =p
  7. warsteed

    Oldest WWI veteran dies aged 113

    It will be a sad day when the last WW1 Vet dies. RIP
  8. warsteed


    About a yr and a half. I just got my patrol rifle a couple months ago and it's kinda lacking. So for want of something that made after 1980 and the impending ban I thought i might make myself a rifle or two while i still can. First question. I've been looking at a RRA NM match lower assembly that i might buy. I've been trying to find some literature on it. Does anyone know if this is mil-spec? I was told that the whole lower assembly was made by RRA so i looked at their site but couldn't find any information on it other than buying it. Is the buffer tube commercial length or mil-spec too? You'll have to forgive my ignorance, i know how to shoot them well but in regards to knowing the different brands i'm kind of a nub. :oh yea:
  9. warsteed


    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Now i just have to start post padding so i can start using the "search" function. =P
  10. warsteed


    My name is Dave, I just registered after running across this site looking for a good resource for AR's. I'm from Seattle, WA, former military and am now working on doing my first AR15 build. This will be my first privately owned AR. I've got an issued Colt that i still use for work that's probably older than me though. Glad to be here! Dave