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  1. First off I am praying that nothing becomes of this "threat" and the boy gets the help that he desperately needs. I am curious about his home life and if any medication is involved. Glad to see the teacher did the right thing and took it as a potential threat. As far as involving the police, I would certainly hope so considering today's climate.
  2. Years ago the wife worked at Murray and they also made the Craftsman line there. While they both came down the same line the Craftsman mower were built with much better materials and stricter quality standards. The steel was thicker, better bearings, controls, etc. Things that would pass on a Murray would be rejected on the Craftsman. All of my hand yard tools are Craftsman. They are heavy and stout.
  3. The males can weigh 500 lbs, that's huge in any body's book. But your right, being a kid they looked like a VW bug with legs.
  4. The Detroit Zoo had a couple of large tortoises, at least double the size of this one. They would allow the young children to set on them. Sometimes they would move around and the kids got a ride.
  5. So basically if you just look the other way, stay away from certain areas and do not engage anyone within a "protected class" a officer could do pretty well in Portland. Unfortunately this type of "policing" is probably going to become the norm in most cities. Of course all the inner city dwellers will be screaming that the police won't do their job.
  6. O yeah, Pretty sure he has claimed the Jeep as his own.
  7. https://www.sears.com/craftsman-299-piece-ultimate-easy-read-socket-set/p-00935299000P This is one heck of a deal. Should cover most Jobs.
  8. I really hate this, I grew up with Craftsman tools. I don't have many tools left but my replacements were going to be Craftsman and Williams. The Craftsman tool sets are a good bargain when you can catch them on sale, which is quite often. I watch sears site quite often and have learned the lowest price they will go on most of the better sets. Of course the key to getting a good deal is knowing which set actually has the tools you want without 40 screwdriver bits.
  9. Thanks, it will be awhile before I can be a Patron again.
  10. Thank you sir, it is good to be back. I missed everyone.
  11. Is it no longer being used or active? Went back 5 pages in General and looked at all the Forums but never seen it.
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