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  1. Washington doesn't have gun registry, state laws preempt local laws so gun laws are uniform, and we are a shall issue state. The process for a carry permit is to apply with either the local sheriff's office or city police, pay the fee, and they send it to you within 30 days (legally required time frame.)
  2. I do my yearly recurrent training in this exact building. My company had 4 people there today, luckily they are all okay. Initial reports are that the pilot suffered an engine failure on takeoff and tried to return to land, if true, either he messed up or there was a condition beyond his control.
  3. Whatever, Rambo! I've put 2-3 thousand malfunction free rounds through it, it hits where I aim, I can pick it up with my eyes closed and the sights are aligned, and if it was good enough for the SAS and the Israelis...well I guess it will work just fine for me in the unlikely event I have to use it in anger.
  4. Hi-power all the way! It's accurate, reliable, 15 rounds of Hydra-shock goodness, and no Tupperware!
  5. Up to 25,212 sigs, it won't happen but still made me laugh. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/d...ndment/prfh5zHD
  6. Nope. I bet that S&W, Colt, and Ruger will also roll over and stop sales of AR's to "civilians."
  7. Not sure what that means, but I have a feeling it's not good! http://news.msn.com/us/nra-breaks-silence-pledges-help
  8. Good job. That's very cool that you did your training in a tailwheel, you are now way ahead of most pilots in the skill department. Some of the most fun I have had flying has been in Citabrias!
  9. Now for the translation of said story: While encountering turbulence over the Atlantic, an United 757 and an engine problem which required an inflight shutdown. Since the aircraft was @FL400 and was not able to maintain that altitude on a single engine, it started a descent to FL200 an altitude doable on a single engine. The ill-informed passengers in the back saw the altitude decreasing at a fairly quick rate and having no idea how an aircraft flies assumed that the aircraft was "falling." At the conclusion of the flight, these same idiots were interviewed by Trixie Dumbtwat, reporterette, who also haviing no clue about anything but makeup and the latest Vogue, thought it all made perfect sense.
  10. A short segment about my dads' XO, his first tour, Medal Of Honor story.
  11. You need to find a new line of work, people with these kinds of attitudes give good cops a bad name.
  12. You actually find it funny that a citizen was detained by the feds, was told he would be released and then was forgotten about for 4 days. He received no food, liquids, or bathroom facilities. This kid endured dehydration and kidney failure because of his treatment and very likely would have died if he hadn't been found...Funny? Only a person without any compassion at all would find this funny. I hope gets every bit of the 20 million and some people need to get fired!
  13. They already have an alibi...just claim she was British!
  14. Hey, knuckleheads you are on hallowed ground so STFU!! Some people have no respect for anything or anyone these days. http://www.allproudamericans.com/No-Laughi...wn-Soldier.html
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