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  1. Go with large if they are made of a high quality goat or lamb skin they will stretch to fit your hand. IMHO.
  2. Two things, could be a faulty mag, try holding bad lever down with trigger finger and fire with middle finger. If it still locks open that would point to the mag. If it don't I would replace the bolt release spring, good luck.
  3. Magpul has stoped makeing the MS2 sling in preperation for the MS3, Be careful on e-bay there has been a lot of the PTS floating arounf they wont say PTS on the pakage, they look alot like the real deal.
  4. Check out BPOUTFITTERS.NET I get all my gear from them, they are really helpful and if they dont have it they will get it for you.
  5. No I don't think so, most just use the carbine length on the forward part of rail, leaving the back 3" exposed, don't really hold the weapon there any how.
  6. I have one of them very good quality for any amount of money, i got mine from BPOUTFITTERS.NET they have a ton of molle gear.
  7. Only load 27 to 28 rds in the mags if you plan on stowing them, any more and you'll weaken the feed lips.
  8. Elcan Specter DR "thats all i have to say about that"
  9. FDE is a proprietary trademarked color by Magpul, others are real close. If they advertise FDE then they have permission or paying royalties. I use BPOUTFITTERS they usually have FDE in stock.
  10. Some time this summer Magpul will release their mid and full length MOE hand guards, keep an eye on sites like BPOUTFITTERS.net they tend to get the good stuff. Also take a look at Gear Sector a little pricey but gorgeous.
  11. The TK 10,11,12,30 will fit the gear sector mount if you need any of these check out BPOUTFITTERS.NET
  12. Anybody done any trading with? WWW.BPOUTFITTERS.NET
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