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  1. Buds Gun shop had a special run of Smith & Wesson 360 38 special chief special airweights. Has the scandium frame with a steel cylinder. boot grip & combat grip for $409.00 delivered. Its +P rated. 13 ounces. I have order a XS Big dot front sight for it and a Don Hume pocket holster for it. Im getting too lazy to pack a full size pistol these days. So this should fill the bill. Ive shot it a bit and it shoots great.
  2. Have you ever shot any if this stuff? I wonder how it shoots? not bad at $11.00 per box of fifty.
  3. If Pot was legal!!! What!! you mean it isnt !!! , Hemp ,cannabis the plant that grows naturally Damm now you tell me!!!!!
  4. Congrad that is some Great colone I like the smell and so do the ladies!!!!
  5. moses


    All Hail Jack Bauer he is the savior of the U.S.A. Go Jack go!!!!!
  6. You should have given it the --- Marlboro--- Test
  7. Ok the ad for the sear is interesting. I was at a local gun show and i saw one of these in a box of pieces and parts . I asked the older Gentleman what is it? He replied some old gun parts that belong to his son. If I see him again at a show. should i buy the gizmo ? I bet I could get it for $5-6 bucks. Is it legal to own? It appeared some what old. What do you think? ----- Deal or No Deal!!!!!!! If he still has it. I moved it to the bottom of the pile was going to as a friend about it. and got side tracked. never went back!!!
  8. Looks a hell of a lot like "B" to me. What else could it be?
  9. Hang in there Man! your Guardian angel must have took a day off. Im sure shes back now everything will be ok!
  10. Great for hardware on disc or drum brakes not too much!
  11. Dust Devil Sorry about that!!! Us old coots get all wound up dagnabitt!!! The rifle is finished a nice e2 service rifle if there ever was one. It shoots great ! I centered the rear sight right in the middle and took it to the range. after five cleaning shots in the back yard with a patch of Old #9 between shots to get the crap out. It ran perfect not a jam , misfeed, FTF, FTE, nothing but smooth operation. Very happy with my frist AR Build. Now i gotta get back to my Polish AKs. spring is right around the corner.
  12. Every good ,god ,fearing ,red blooded American Male Should be allowed to own one of those --- "22 LR" ---- Homeland Defence Rifles!!!!!! Veterans pick yours up at your local VA.for free!!!
  13. God to go!! a little enery paper does womders some times. Ready to take it for a test run at the rang tist afternoon. My frist Ar -15 build from a kit. Not my frist AR. Frist build real happy ao far. Grand total Inc FFL fee. " Lower reciver"---- $547.00---- no mags no sling. yet! E2 20' fixed kinda old school thats me...
  14. WoW That Creature Was my frist ever Drive in movie !!!!!! about 1955-56 Oh so. Love the old classics glad to see there on TV for the young pups. I would to see some old Amos & andy How bowt that " King Fish "
  15. Carry Handle scopes CDNN has three to chose from . Two are on sale $10.00 off so that pays your shippind Ive got the Hakko AR-15 model 4x21 on order have heard good things about the Hakkos Optics. From Japan Not China!!!!
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