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  1. I'd venture a guess and say they are standard stock USGI triggers.
  2. You're best bet is to do a Google search for them and contact the dealers that have them in stock. I've never seen another BRO product outside the internet and my safe. They are very proud of their products so thats most likely the main reason you don't see too many. Hell, just the receiver set alone is damn near half a Colt rifle!! Good luck, I do know the feeling for these items though. I had to convince a local dealer to contact the company and become a AZ point of contact for BRO to carry their products just so I could order one. Needless to say, I felt like I worked for the company and I still had to pay to get them in. They are nice though!
  3. Good looking rifle. The receivers look outstanding!!. When I first saw them (years ago) I had to have a set. So far, they're still sitting in my safe in the middle of boxes of odd parts that, with any luck, will morph into a 11.5" SBR someday.
  4. The trigger on my S&W is outstanding. My only experience with the RRA is a Dedicated 9mm rifle I bought last year. That trigger is a piece of garbage! Had a Springfield trigger job done to it and it still feels worse than my S&W but a whole sight better than it was. I need a lower parts kit for a new build I have going and I'm not looking at the RRA because of the trigger. I have great faith in the remainder of the parts but dont want to have to buy another trigger or send it off when it's brand new. Looking at Armalite for my next parts kit. Sure wish S&W would make a kit!!
  5. Sorry about that - on my computer, the spring looks like a dozen or so large coils instead of the normal ejection port door spring. After blowing it up... it's the same old version as mine. Thanks for clearing up the Gen I vs. Gen II question.
  6. Thanks for clearing that up. Not sure which one I have now, I'll have to check when I get home tonight. Interesting spring you have on the ejection port door. Is that the way it came from the factory or is it aftermarket? I ordered my receiver without the door, but I'd like to get a spring like that, do you know of anywhere that sells them? Thanks for the help.
  7. Can you explain what the difference between the GEN I upper and the GEN II upper? Honestly, I didn't know there was a GEN II until I was playing around on the internet and a dealer advertised both types.
  8. Black Rain Ordnance's website just went active and they have a list of dealers that carry their products. Love the look of their lower.
  9. I just got an email from Black Rain Ordnance that their website is up and they have a list of dealers from which to get their products from.
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