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  1. knownalien

    New FsN and PS90-P90 Springs.

    I got 3 of the PS90 springs. They are exactly as billed. I have factory 50 rnd mags. I loaded up the mags for a couple of weeks to season the springs and then unloaded and reloaded. In a NEW PS90 mag, it is always tight getting the last rounds in. I was disappointed however in the FN factory springs, as I was unloading the last few rounds "fell out" of the magazine rather weakly. I am sure it is enough to feed the carbine, given the way it feeds*. But Elites springs ARE much stronger. Same situation. The last rounds pops out with authority. I'd say these springs are a cheap way to get the most out of your magazine. *the bullet is nearly a straight line into the barrel. so the spring isn't as critical as a spring in a 9mm or 45 magazine.
  2. knownalien

    Binding from Bolt Carrier And Hammer

    I got it from the autostore. Blue Magic's Metal Polishing Cream made for chrome, alum, and mag wheels
  3. knownalien

    Binding from Bolt Carrier And Hammer

    did it!!! worked like a charm. glassy smooth!!! I love this gun!
  4. knownalien


    just to be clear, that is a side-effect of the carbine system which is out of time compared to Stoners' 20" rifle design.
  5. knownalien

    BCG coating...

    +1 I have two and two uppers coated as well. how hard is the coating?? If you take a screwdriver and scrape it as hard as you can, you will not scratch this coating.
  6. knownalien

    LR-308T - FTE/Jamming

    tried the .308 ammo. same issue. I sent the whole rifle back. I am starting to think that MAYBE they put the wrong buffer in the rifle . . .an AR15 buffer. the bolt carrier is longer and if the buffer is too long, it could cause the issue I am seeing. but sent the rifle back and didn't measure the buffer. In a serparate box I sent some ammo for them to test. In any event, the problem remains. So sad, because it is such a beautiful rifle. . .
  7. knownalien

    What red dot site for under 300

    i don't think that's the 512 in the picture????
  8. knownalien

    Piston vs DI Discussion

    and now they have married two ideas I was waiting for: failzero + Osprey They finally did it. It will be my next 20" barrel build. But that is somewhere down the road. gaspiston.com
  9. knownalien

    LR-308T - FTE/Jamming

    problem remains. I shot one bullet at a time. The bolt barely extracted the spent case but sometimes it did not eject the round out of the upper causing a FTF. sometimes the rifle worked fine. factory ammo used. I am thinking about trying .308 to see what happens. I called DPMS and told them this. Now they want me to send the lower back too. I will, but only after I try .308 rounds. I am getting desperate. Desperate that I may have a $1000+ rifle that may be little better than a club.
  10. In short, I have two AR15's. Both are 16" barrels. One is Sabre Defense and the other is Daniel Defense, both from Addax. I have tried nearly all of the steel ammo I could find and they all work. The worst I have seen is being a little on the weak side so that the bolt doesn't hold open on the last shot. I have seen the very excellent youtube video on the "truth about wolf ammo" and I have never seen the marks at the rim he described that you MAY see (indicating a problem). My question is not WHY wolf doesn't work in some, but WHY it DOES work in some like mine? Being such a standard design, I wonder why the issues? The issue must be with the chrome lining. I am tempted to make a 20" build just so that the "timing" is right, but I can see no point if BOTH of my rifles fire steel just fine. In the youtube video cited above, he was incorrect about such newer designs like the SCAR not having trouble with steel ammo. Go to any major FNH forum (link)and you will see what I mean. But the REAL point of my post is this: IF your rifle could fire steel ammo fine, would you have a problem stocking up on it as opposed to brass? The obvious advantage being you could quickly by several 1000 rounds for a few hundred bucks.
  11. knownalien

    "FailZero" bolt carriers

    ditto this. I have two in both of my ARs. I have the failzero upper too. zero lube.
  12. knownalien

    LR-308T - FTE/Jamming

    I got my rifle back today. Diagnosis?? "Bad Upper" & "gas block off center." Action: replace upper and center gas block. I gotta admit, I am weirded-out about the gas block part, but oh well (because I used a framer's square to center it and all). I cycled some rounds and though it was a little tight, it did not lock up like before. Also, there was heavy wear where the cam hits the upper that showed up quickly with the previous upper and has not shown up on this new one with repeated cycling. I won't get to shoot it until mid May, and then I will report back. DPMS did all that they could and I am proud of their support of this product. It really is a beautiful rifle.
  13. all of my parts have always been high-end. saber defense barrel, Daniel defense barrel, and Failzero bolts. So that said, since these parts were purchased from different places, had there been a problem, who would have accepted a return?? I would have been lucky to have gotten an exchange. But, I think this is one reason one may want to stick to stuff NOT made in China, for example.
  14. I have built all of my rifles. I have never checked the headspace. but I ask, what if something WAS wrong?? I can't return a part because it didn't headpsace right.