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  1. I honestly don't know much about either of them. I just thought it looked like fun, lots of the articles I've seen since about the Centuries act like I'll be using this to clear my house, but I have better options for that. I shot a full auto Uzi at a local range once, but I know it will be nothing like that at all. I should be able to make more calculated shots with the carbine though.
  2. Rocker2277

    How men work.

    These really are rules to live by. Good one.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with one of these? I recently found one at a local pawn shop and put it on layaway. It has a tri-rail with a vertical fore grip, it also has a reflex sight, not sure on the brand. Has anyone shot one of these Uzi type carbines, it seems like everything I read on them is negative, but it seems like most of the complaints are break in type problems. Any info would be awesome.
  4. Rocker2277

    M855 ban shelved

    Unfortunately, this victory can't be savored too long because the fight is never ending.
  5. I have gotten more information. From what I hear, the hand hold part of the law is pretty vague. A handhold can be anything from sissy bars, back rests, luggage racks, seat straps, or my personal favorite... the rider. All bikes equipped with a passenger seat have to have foot pegs or boards.
  6. Rocker2277

    Isaac Newton's lesser known Law

    For every male action, there is an equal and opposite female overreaction. Newton's Law of Overreaction
  7. Rocker2277

    The Magnificent True Origins of Miller Beer

    Funny how that happens. It didn't happen in Shiner, Texas though!
  8. John Moses Browning once got drunk on whiskey in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He took a piss and inadvertently invented Miller Beer. As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know rest of the story."
  9. Rocker2277

    Bush & Cheney Were Sitting In A Bar

    I've always liked that one. HAHAHA!
  10. Rocker2277

    The Goose Gun

    That sounds like it would be quite a bang. A lot of fun too.
  11. Rocker2277

    The Goose Gun

    I just put a Marlin Model 55 Goose Gun on layaway at a local pawn shop. It is a 3 inch Magnum 12 gauge, Two shot magazine, bolt action. I've never seen one before today. It was love at first sight. I couldn't resist it, the 36 inch barrel is just crazy. I can't wait to get it and take it out for a spin. Does anyone have any experience with this shotty? This is not mine, but it looks just like it.
  12. I work at a custom shop in Dallas, and we are having trouble getting any information about these new laws. We don't know if every bike is supposed to have them or just bikes that have back seats. I will update on here as soon as we find out though. Also, there are no more inspection stickers. You have to go get your bike inspected then take a paper to the tax office to get your registration. One new pain after another.
  13. I've shot one, they shoot decent. I think everything comes down to personal preference. I would buy one if I found one for a price too low to pass up. I'm not actively looking for one, but I'm not against owning one. My thought is, if you want one get it.
  14. Some new ones are just going into effect here in Texas. Something called "Mallory's Law". It says that all motorcycles must have passenger pegs and a seat hand-hold.
  15. Rocker2277

    1911 picture thread

    Here are the new updated pics. Not mine, but I sure do like it.