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  1. Oh ok I just kinda skim read it so I thought he was doing a AMD build.
  2. If your wanting to play Arma I would do an Intel build instead of AMD. Arma2 and 3 are very processor intensive and run ALOT better on Intel processors. I built my first Intel system because of the DayZ mod and Standalone. Huge difference going from a 6 core AMD to an i-5 4 core.
  3. Been awhile since I ve visited here and come back to a metal thread. Kick ass. I love the classics like Iron Maiden, King Diamond, old Metallica, all of MegaDeth, Anthrax, Preist etc. But also love the newer stuff as well. Born of Osiris, Periphery, Feared, Monuments, Opeth, 7 Horns 7 Eyes, Merrow, Jeff Loomis, Ever Forthright, The Devil Wears Prada, Between the Buried and Me, After the Burial and alot more of the 7 string variety of metal. Also like some the more Euro metal like Childred of Bodom, old Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, Necrophagist, Immortal, and I'm a huge fan of Emperor and what Isahn is donig with his solo stuff. Wish Emperor would get back together and make a new album.
  4. Looks good. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kW9p-MRE4pE...;feature=relmfu
  5. BlackMesa

    Walking dead

    More or less they dont want people popping off shots if there are a bunch around. That would attract even more. Its in the Zombie Survival Guide.
  6. BlackMesa

    Walking dead

    Watching now. Freakin great so far. Off to an intense start.
  7. Oh OK cool they are still rerunning the first season.
  8. Crap!!! I forgot about The Killing. Have they started the second season of it yet?
  9. CAn't wait till Oct16. One of my favorite shows in the last few years. The new season looks to be intense.
  10. Ultimate stealth. http://youtu.be/jAvYQSsGdMw
  11. Listened to Recreate on the way to work today. It replayed through my mind about million times all day. The song is awesome and the CD is one my favorites of the year.
  12. You do realize that BF and MW are totally different when it comes to multiplayer? BF is more about huge maps, squads, armor, tactics and teamplay where MW is more console little arena maps death match. Personally I love the single player game of the CoD series and totally HATE their multiplay. Where as with BF I'm not buying it for the single game. Really could care less. I want the TRUE BF multiplay experience. Which with BF3 is good. They are going back to what made the original pc based BFs great and away from the more console like BC2. Its a true successor to BF2. Thank God.
  13. Hey MW3. Battlefield 3 called and said pack up your crap and get the frak out.
  14. Ive got a XD45 compact and love it. But. I am seriously thinking about trading it for a Glock26 as a carry gun. I got to shoot one a couple of weeks ago and it impressed the hell out of me. Love the size of it and it seems to be better built than the XD. Just a smoother gun all around.
  15. Good. Bout time someone finally found that old jedi trouble maker!! :P
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