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  1. trifire


    is this stuff any good this is the first i have heard of it, whe is it sold other than www Was at the store and found some tang that was on sale 2.50 to make 6 qt. I picked one up just to try, just like i remembered. that is what stated me thinking of this or some other drinK mix for the BOB
  2. trifire


    Just wondering if any body has this in the BOB. If it is good enough for astronauts why not for our BOB. just a thought and water is so bland after a while.
  3. It has got to be hard quitting cold turkey but YOU CAN DO IT ( in Adam Sandlers movie voice) don't get discouraged if you don't lose weight look at inches not lbs. And remember muscle weighs more than fat.
  4. I try to use the 223 for training,but mostly stock pile. Basically I was wondering if i can take it out of the 20 round box and just dump it in the ammo can.
  5. I was at the book store today and saw several different books titled Art of War by Sun Tzu but all translated by different people. I was wondering are they all the same, or is one better than the other?
  6. I have ammo from various manufacturers mainly PMC, Remington, Eagle, and Winchester but it is a mixture of 223 and 556. Should i keep the 223 and 556 separate or is it OK to mix in the same magazine?
  7. Just checking on progress. Do you have a finished product yet?
  8. I don't know if "cheap" is what you really want If you want less expensive try you local Army Navy store they. may have some every now and then
  9. If your gonna be dumb, You gotta be tough!! :lol:
  10. I was shaving to night and was wondering how many people still use a straight razor or if it a lost art? also what brand do you use? I use the Mach 3
  11. Its hard to remain silent when you have to say "I want to remain silent". Besides if you do say that, it does not mean the cops are not going to talk to you. And if you do start talking after saying that, can it be used in court?
  12. unfortunately this is where she stays most of the time I wish I had time to take some lessons. But one day when I have time I will, and I will be just like S.R.V, (only in my dreams)
  13. Rampy If you spend that much on your knifes i can just imgine how much you spend on a rifle. Must be nice. I need a good qualty low cost knife. I will probably go with a Ka Bar, i like the tonto point. But for 30 bucks for the glock knife, But i gues you get what you pay for!
  14. thinking of getting this to throw on my BOB just wanted to get yalls thoughts on the quality
  15. I am in need of a gun safe. just have three long guns and ammo to put away befor the new offspring shows up in July. Any sugestions or personal pics would be great. I would like MADE in USA.
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