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    Russian SKS

    Well being that were on the subject, how much for a chinese made sks all decked out. I wanna get a ar15 kit so i need to get rid of this first.

    .223 AK accuracy

    I was just wondering if a .223 ak would have any better accuracy then the 7.62

    My SKS

    Cooooooooorrrrect lol

    My SKS

    Very nice man! I just finally finished mine and here it is! My friend has an AR that i might be trading for here in a couple of days, so that means a new project and my first AR!

    My SKS

    Anyone know if this site is a good place to order from? http://store.a51tactical.com/ I found a quad-rail instead of a tri-rail here http://store.a51tactical.com/index.php?mai...roducts_id=1685

    My SKS

    Hey thanks man!

    My SKS

    Well I decided to keep the gastube. Called up Kochster and asked him to help me modify a 1 1/4" tube to work as a cover for the gastube. This is what we got, paint just dried. I couldn't get the Tapco handguard on so this is what happened instead

    My SKS

    What do you mean by fall off? I think I need a new one anyway, because the old one looks like it has a bit of a bend to it, haha probably from all of the shat it's went through just trying to get the pin out. Do you know if sks are okay with barrel mounted bipods or is that gonna effect the accuracy?

    My SKS

    pictures are up, and if anyone can find a place where they sell a gas tube without the rail, that would be awesome.... cause i cant lol. I found this one, and i think the rail may be able to come off.
  10. RANELS

    My SKS

    We tried forever to get it out lol, I think im just going to order a new one without the top rail on it, because if a i get a rail system for it im not sure it will fit with that type of handguard on it. http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/SKS035-31.html found a rail for $40, in one of the reviews a guy even says that you cant fit it on with a T6 handguard. Those Iron sights are pretty badass though......... think i might have to get them
  11. RANELS

    My SKS

    Well they should work now
  12. RANELS

    My SKS

    What in thee Hell, I put photos up and they worked when i made this topic and now they dont work not sure what up lol. And thanks jchtrh!
  13. RANELS

    My SKS

    Here is my sks made in china, that i've been working on. It used to have a wood stock on it but i replaced it with a TAPCO T6 one, but I still need to figure out how to put the top handgaurd on that goes over the gas block. I've tried hammering, twisting, and still cant get it apart. My friend Kochster said there looks like i could probably pop out a pin to get it apart. Here's a list of some more parts that I will be ordering for my firearm: http://www.parts4sks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?...Code=SKS_Mounts http://www.parts4sks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?...Code=SKS_Mounts http://www.parts4sks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?...Code=SKS_Mounts If you have any Ideas or anything please post some comments! Thanks
  14. RANELS

    chinese sks

    Wouldn't it jiggle around if you filled it down? When I took off the original wood stock i had to saw it off because i couldn't just pull it off.