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  1. Efletch426

    First AR! DPMS Kitty Kat... Kinda

    Yes I have spoken with my friends regarding the process and I am aware of the steps that need to be taken to keep me legal. Thank you guys for all the prompt and helpful responses, I am nearly giddy waiting to place this order! I have spent a good amount of time on different forums for several different hobbies but the level of professionalism and helpfulness here has been stunning. By some awesome stroke of luck I actually met someone at DPMS who has offered to help me get the rifle directly. So this should help me shave a few extra bucks off the rifle. I'm also waiting on a job at TAPCO (hopefully) so I am also able to outfit the rifle with some parts from them for next to nothing. They are also about to have a sidewalk sale, and they have a few Eotechs that will be up for sale at about 50% reduction so thank you guys for the helpful information regarding optics as well. I'm not too clear on how to assemble an AR-15 pistol but I will google that and see what I can come up with. As far as the DPMS line goes, would anyone suggest any upgrades or work at some point? Besides the obvious optics, mags, etc. I assume what I'm asking is do these rifles perform well out of the box or will I need to do some tinkering?
  2. Efletch426

    First AR! DPMS Kitty Kat... Kinda

    TS - Thank you! Yes it does, the same one as pictured in the image I am uploading. Actually everything looks the same besides the "foregrip" and barrel. Anon - I have seen that rail system online. I will look more into it. I was hoping someone could tell me exactly which Eotech optics system was on the rifle in the image. Also, I was wondering about a 5.56 round that would be suitable for home defense... At least as suitable as can be.
  3. Hey all, I'm new to these parts (as well as this hobby) and wanted to introduce myself and ask a few questions... Basically I'm purchasing a DPMS Panther Kitty Kat this weekend, it's brand new from a friend I have at a local shop. The only catch is that I will not be twenty one for another five or so months... So it will not have the 10.5" barrel like I prefer but rather a 16" barrel. Everything else will still remain the same, with the exception of the barrel. I figure this is not the end of the world, as I can purchase the barrel at a later time when I am 21. I assume I was hoping someone could give me some insight on these firearms, as I have read up on DPMS, but never had the chance to handle one in person. I plan on putting an Eotech red dot sight, as well as a Surefire vertical foregrip/light on her and the pretty much leaving her alone. Unless anyone else has any suggestions that is! Thank you for your time, -Fletch