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  1. Here you find a real nice Ruger Vaquero 10mm conversion project: http://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php...d=1#post3312715
  2. I love the S&W 1066. A real nice 10mm and yours looks pretty new. That's my 1066 NS.
  3. Bruce and Zephyr One Zero - excellent! Could not say it any better.
  4. Great side to see how the bullets work in ballistic gelatine: 10mm Auto: http://www.brassfetcher.com/10mmAuto180grRemJHP.html or the 40 S&W (some more bullets tested) http://www.brassfetcher.com/40%20S&W.html Good information
  5. Mortech Don't make a mistake. The S&W 1066 is already a classic handgun. This gun has soul.
  6. Hope you feel better soon Old Navy. And never forget; OLD GUYS RULE: THE OLDER I GET, THE BETTER I WAS
  7. Great buy and good price. I have a S&W 1066 NS and would not like missing this handful of steel.
  8. Old Navy How is the weather? I still miss your range report. Keep us informed.
  9. Great buy that makes me jealous. There are still some pearls out there!!
  10. Old Navy A Harrts recoil reducer (mercury filled guide rod) and a Wolf 22 lb recoil spring was the first and only modification I made on my stock Delta Elite. And that worked for about 1'000 Norma 200grs. factory ammo and some more reloads. The original Colt barrel liked Sierra 190grs. TC bullets and Sierra 180grs. HP bullets and gave very good accuracy (about 1.5" - 2.5" at 25 yrds. from a sandbag rest). Bullets under 180grs. did not work that well. The Norma 200grs. FMJ ammo was very accurate too but the lighter stuff was easier to control and shoot fast. Hope we hear how your Delta works and what kind of ammo the gun likes.
  11. Old Navy Than you have a real collector item with the the original Colt custom jobs! Never saw any information about the Colt Custom work on early Delta Elite pistols. If I ever get the chance to buy again a stock Colt Delta Elite I will do. My Custom Delta works great but I miss the plain look of the original Colt Delta Elite. My trigger was real bad but the gun gave perfect accuracy with the stock Colt barrel. May your Colt Delta Elite give you many years of service!
  12. Hey Old Navy That's a pretty cool near stock Colt Delta. Only a new trigger? Anyway a real classic. Many 1'000 rounds earlier my Delta looked the same way. But now there are some upgrades. A Clark ramped barrel, custom front and LPA rear sight. Beavertail and special recoil spring. Checkering and a trigger job. My Colt Delta works flawless and shoots great. I love this gun.
  13. Indoor range day with my 10 Auto trio: Bren Ten with Remington 180grs. FMJ factory ammo S&W 1066 NS with Remington 180grs. FMJ factory ammo and last my Colt Delta Crottet custom with factory Remington 180grs. FMJ and some reloads with Sierra 180grs. HP bullets: I had a great day with my trio
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