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  1. SuckLead

    Lost my old boy yesterday

    I'm sorry for your loss. My Lily and my Poochanne will be waiting for him to play.
  2. SuckLead

    A Great Video....You Gotta See This

    That's gotta be one of the best I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing. I got a little misty.
  3. SuckLead

    Can You Direct Me?

    Trying to clean out the book cases and found a binder with some of my old NHL cards from when I was about 10-13 years old. I know when I was a kid I put only certain cards in there, mostly ones that turned up to be worth more than $5 according to Beckett magazine and cards for players I really liked. Was thumbing through tonight and don't even remember most of them. Nothing super wonderful or super old, we're talking cards from 1990 to 1993. I've got tons of Gretzky and Lemieux cards in there, but I was a little tween fan girl. LOL! I've also got some autographs in there - like Gretzky - but they were from meeting these players and asking them to sign stuff, so I don't even know if those are worth anything. They're probably the last ones I'd part with anyway. Anyway, I was thinking it may be time to part with some of these cards. I loved them when I was a kid, they really don't mean anything to me anymore. But I don't want to give away any that could net me a few dollars. I'm not looking for my millions, but if a card is worth $20, I want my $20 (one of them was worth $25 in 1993, so maybe today it's worth a whole $30!). LOL! I don't have the time to sit down and leaf through a Beckett magazine (nor have I seen one in years, so God only knows where I can buy one, and I am a frequent visitor to magazine racks) and most of these cards aren't popping up on eBay, either. So how does a girl get some values and get these things moved out? Also, hockey jerseys. I have one for every single team that existed back then and those REALLY need to go. Not the actual "sweaters" but the lightweight jersey types, some actually have numbers and names on them. Same issue. If they're worth $5 a piece, I was my $5 a piece. I really need the money... I've got a Beretta I'm trying to paying off... every $5 helps. If anyone is up on this stuff, please help me out. Thanks!
  4. SuckLead

    Watch the Heat

    Since you mention that, he may not have put me on IV because the guy who ran my blood pressure went through my daily takings and two of the things I take daily is a B vitamin and Folic Acid.
  5. SuckLead

    Watch the Heat

    I don't even want to think of how much I lose in the summer on that bike of mine. I know I drain my Camelback every time I go out, though.
  6. SuckLead

    Watch the Heat

    Yeah, it tastes like crap, but that's what I'm drinking. If it doesn't get better within three days I have to report to the hospital. So I'm drinking it up.
  7. SuckLead

    Watch the Heat

    Just a friendly reminder to those of you living in areas where the summer has been hot enough to bake bread on your driveway... Remember those electrolytes. I landed myself in the urgent care today with heat exhaustion and positional vertigo. I got there in just enough time to not have an IV started and be sent to the hospital. I'm a heavy water drinker, had two gallons yesterday, and that's when this started. When I fell over at the pet store, we hit the urgent care. Was shocked when he told me I was dehydrated. Pedialyte is a wonderful thing.
  8. SKS FN PS90 Any Sig Any Desert Eagle Actually, make than anything from Magnum Research. Anything in 5.7
  9. SuckLead

    Funny Nicorette commercial

    This one beats it:
  10. SuckLead

    If money was not an issue

    I'd go for some fancy 1911 like a Les Bear, Wilson Combat, or Nighthawk Custom. Maybe a Colt Python. Now I could wild with rifles.
  11. SuckLead

    Two in One Month?!

    Well, I'm still hoping it's just the magazine and there's nothing wrong with the gun itself. I'm always a little leery of used guns, especially when they say, "There's only about one magazine run through it." It's sort of like the old lady who only drove it to church on Sunday. Plus, the mags are blocked at 10 rounds, so it would be nice to have some 15 rounders.
  12. SuckLead

    Two in One Month?!

    I've bought a second gun in a month, which I never do. LOL! But this one came in and was no longer wanted, someone else's safe queen. I've always wanted one, the price was right, and it was sitting there saying, "Take me home!" Beretta 92FS INOX Brigadier. I can't believe I own a Beretta. But if you'd told me a few years ago I'd own two Glocks, I would have laughed at you then, too. It needs new magazines, one I think has gone bad (the slide won't lock open on it) and the other is getting there (although the slide does lock open on it every time without fail). But I'll know for sure when I finally get some trigger time and a chance to get this former safe queen good and dirty.
  13. SuckLead

    Puting your SS number on a form 4473

    The amount you buy won't have any effect. The examiner asks the type of firearm (handgun, long gun, other, both, etc) but not how many or what type.
  14. SuckLead

    Puting your SS number on a form 4473

    I don't put mine on there, even though I know exactly where its going. But one never knows who might peak through the boxes on record. And like was already stated, it is really only an issue if you have a more common name, and honestly some names you wouldn't think are common, are. If I get a customer who has 27 letters in his last name and only one of them is a vowel, and he asks if his SS is important, I usually don't press the point. And I'm not one to press the point anyway, since I don't put mine in either. But if I get a guy who has a name like Joseph Davis, I may suggest he consider it and explain how the stuff is stored and who has access to it. I also suggest a person considers it if they mention they've gotten a delay then proceed before. However, I have noticed very common names usually get delayed anyway, SS or not. For any number of reasons. Someone with the same name may be a very bad boy and they want to make real sure it isn't the same person. Maybe they have security clearances (always a guaranteed delay). Heck, maybe the NICS person misspelled something vital accidentally. It happens.
  15. SuckLead

    My New Concealed Carry

    Yeah, I was surprised at the target. I was expecting it to be like my mom's Taurus revolver, which isn't a bad shot really, but the groups aren't as tight as they could be with it. So when I brought the target back I was surprised. Got it a little holster today and some Critical Defense ammo. It spent its first day as an actual conceal carry weapon and it worked out well. I could hardly feel it and it didn't even pretend to print. So all in all, I am very pleased with it. Buyer's remorse is starting to slip away. LOL!