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  1. I have a 70 series sti and love it. Went from a glock to that and happy with my choice. My next pistol will ether be a cz sp-01 tactical or a sti tactical 4.25 2011 with a threaded barrel.
  2. What would you have to have for it? There $47 new at least what i can get localy
  3. Is it the serpa? I would like some pics.. im going to use it on my drop leg for camping
  4. Im looking for a 1911 serpa holster. Just the holster i have qd hook ups for it. Im not looking for mint just working and not going to run me retail.
  5. Wasnt my plan but thank you. The folding unit is ace's ar one so it has to fold left. Its all good because its right where i want it. Glad it lived up to ehat you thought.
  6. The only problem i ran into was the side rail. I had to put the stock in on place so it sits in right on top of it. I didnt have to renove it but it made it so i had no adjustment up and down. I like how it sits so its all good.
  7. Its done!! After some file work the stock is on. Now i got to dump some rounds threw it.
  8. Wait till i get my stock on! I will throw the drum mag on for that pic.
  9. A little front heavy but nothing i cant get used to. It will be a nice rig when its all done.
  10. he she is! i braved the storm to get her home. the gun dealer was shocked that i made it out today lol. before after i put the parts i have for it already and i also picked up a box of 78 grain .45 acp that he just had on hand. new carry load for my 1911!! i just placed the order for the receiver block and should have it installed plus stock in roughly a weak.
  11. Well it was the first idea that popped into my head. Its snowing then raining then snowing and raining... Have you looked into the archangel stock? Detachable mag's in two flavors 5 and 10 rounds.
  12. but it wouldnt work so well on a fullsize mosin but would make a wicked carbine! maybe a full aluminum chassis..
  13. flatten the sides and do a side folding stock like on mini 14's. ebr meets the a team lol. ya i have no problem removing some metal.... its for the greater good.
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