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  1. Very good advise everyone. Thanks,, i like the idea of buying different uppers of different calibers. One other thing,,,, what does the designation "A2, A3,,,," stand for. I see this alot when looking at manufacturers catalogs. Can't wait to get going!!
  2. I have been a handgunner since i was sixteen and now find myself looking for an AR15 to shoot at the range and do a little hunting. Being a 45ACP proponent, i believe bigger is always better so i have been looking at ARs chambered in 308. Anything basically wrong with that? My first question really should have been, considering the shortages that exist, firearms and ammo, how do i find a gun once i decided which brand and caliber. Do gun shops order what you want or is it easier to order from manufacturer and have them shipped to local shop for me to pickup. I have a CHL in my home state so when i want to buy a new handgun it is as simple as finding it at the store or gun show, showing my license, buying the gun and heading to the range. 1. Does anyone have an option on the best manufacturer and model? ;-) 2. What caliber is best? (bigger is always better) 3. Where and how to buy? Thanks, know these are pretty basic questions, but i have to start somewhere.
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