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  1. I was told to sight my 16in barrel 5.56 2in high at 100 yds which in theory would make it roughly right on at 200yds and right around 2in low at 300 yds? No chance to confirm this yet, is there anyone who knows? I was able to check 50 yds. and it was dead on there. Again I have not had a chance to check out beyond 100yds. Anybody have any better info?
  2. I like the general idea, But I like the 20 dollar laser I got from optics planet way better. the price on the crimson trace is totally absurd!
  3. I too am curious if the wire will run under the middle of the clips, it looks like there is a slot there, but maybe there is not enough clearance?
  4. I didn't have time to read all the above... I got one of these, http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/sigh...k.aspx?a=552690 or google , Sightmark® Multi - reticle Reflex Sight I got one and would really recommend it based on my experience, especially for target shooting/plinking, and while I wouldn't bet my life on it (read that again if anyone is going to harass me about it not being battle worthy ) it's great for plinking, still have not run the batteries out, it seems to hold zero, the adjustable brightness is great for different light requirements, and it holds zero even after removing it and reinstalling it. for 40 bucks it's hard to pass up. just my .02
  5. I have very little experience with others, but I love my ARMS 40L
  6. Thanks, I finally got them, the problem is you can't search until you've posted 10 times, and I hate to ask questions that have been asked a million times if they've already been answered.
  7. Someone told me the .22 would foul the barrel and then if you shot a .223 round through it could mess up your rifle, any validity to this? or did I mishear another possible problem? I'm inclined to think he was wrong, but thought I'd ask. Thanks
  8. Sorry to dig up an older thread, but I've also had very good luck with them, and Blast it all, I'm trying to get up to my 10 post mark so I can use this seemingly great site!
  9. Ditto on the bore snake, I love them! it makes it too easy to clean not to
  10. So I already ordered a Specter Gear M-4 / CAR-15 CQB 3 Point Tactical Sling, it hasn't gotten here yet but what do you guys think of it? Anyone used it?
  11. so a chamber guide, (I think that's what he called it, it goes in place of the bolt and such) was recommended to me for cleaning, but does it matter if I'm just using a boresnake? or will I need more then that to clean the barrel properly?
  12. I've just been watching those videos, they're pretty good!
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