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  1. I can make a trip over to them tomorrow. I will be near their HQ while I am house hunting. So far anything I have encountered from STI is a no brainer, they are excellent.
  2. Good morning, from not so south Texas
  3. Grow a beard, buy stock in your mattress, live in what wilderness is left and be the source for bigfoot sightings for the next 40 years.
  4. It is depressing, its not just google or facebook its everyone... Here is an example with the RING door camera: "Gizmodo reported late last week that Ring is tapping directly into real-time 911 dispatch data, which it then uses to "curate" crime news for its Neighbors app. Ring confirmed to Gizmodo that, in many jurisdictions, it has access to computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data from the emergency response systems their law enforcement partners use. It uses an API call to pull in the address or GPS coordinates of a call, the incident time, and a description of the incident."
  5. Unfortunately no. Your data lives on in affiliate programs / data collectors. Advertisers and marketing companies pay for it. So all service providers collect data at varying levels of detail in exchange for you to use their service (on top of you paying for it). Using digital services at all, heck even shopping at a store like Target, you and your purchases are tracked and stored. We cannot escape the data collection and the grey market it has created. As with anything it sure has the possibility of being abused or mishandled. At this point, what do you want more in life, convenience? Or additional effort to add security by the attempt of being as obscure as you can be, digitally speaking?
  6. I would never, just happened to have hopefully found a keeper!
  7. You can't. People do not realize that your info "heat map" is already out there. All you do by avoiding google, currently is reduce its accuracy but data points are collected, bought and sold behind the scenes. Its a trade off of security and convenience as always. In my opinion its too late to try and avoid google and other large data collectors if you have used them even once. If you can avoid them from the start it would be worth the effort to maintain distance. The PIN shouldn't be a problem if the companies did their jobs right. IE actually verify it is you on the phone. But being a customer removes your ability to bring suit against them. Sucks but until a better process is made the downfall of the PIN (with a wireless phone company) is they use it instead of verifying multiple pieces of info. Just be weary, and alert for odd activity on your google account.
  8. Currently have found a woman who will put up with me. The future so far looks pretty great. I just don't want to get ahead of myself.
  9. Congrats! Since I have last been here, one of my younger brothers got married and now I am an Uncle! I have a niece... I'm still working on a family of my own. Finding the right person to "life" with isn't easy.
  10. Do not create a pin for your wireless carrier. It is all they need to ensure your ID as it replaces the multi step process of your name, DOB, social, etc. If someone social engineers the customer support person they can gain control of your account. The phone hack is because they cloned your sim, so they had an active "copy" of your phone and could use your services as needed. It commonly happens to celebrities and popular social icons and the Hacker demands ransom.
  11. I've been absent this board for a while. Figured I'd check in and I see this. Well, this is just awful :(
  12. Because its only recently that CPU's have moved to integrated memory controllers on board. Which would mean that the age of the OP's CPU and MOBO would mean the memory controller is on the MOBO. Although back to my original point we can't really be sure if we don't know his MOBO model. Which is why I was questioning why you made the assumptions you did.
  13. Again CPU has nothing to do with RAM channel. It does however matter for the speed of the RAM. Just because ram is a particular frequency does not indicate if it is dual or tri channel. So this would be dependent of the MOBO and the memory controller located on it. Newer CPUs are able to integrate with the memory controllers and run any RAM in any MOBO supported channel mode, which is why tri channel RAM is run in dual channel if you only have two memory sticks and the CPU doesn't notice or care.
  14. The best SSD brands to buy IMO are Samsung and OCZ. The Samsung evo series is about the fastest on the market, there are OCZ models that equal the performance. You do not need to get a massive SSD. You can get a moderately sized on, say 500GB and install windows to the SSD. Then you can use your old HDD's to store old data on. You would want to do this because win10 is optimized to boot from a SSD making your time to desktop less than 20 seconds. Since accessing pictures and other data is more or less a luxury you can use slower HDD's to store pictures, files, games, etc on to save some money. You also do not 'need' 3 ram sticks, we don't know what model motherboard you have and therefore do not know if it supports tri channel. You are most likely using banks 2 and 4... Or 1 and 3 which would mean you are operating in dual channel mode. Or if you are using banks 1-4 and each RAM stick is the same size again would be dual channel.
  15. Uh.. how are you getting tri channel from the CPU model? First tri channel RAM is almost un-heard of in a consumer desktop. That being the case the MOBO is what supports different channel RAM not the CPU. The CPU couldn't care less what channel mode the RAM runs in.
  16. There seems to be a lot of inability for people to read comments. Interesting discussion from you and sorc21 so far. I think we all agree that the "devils lettuce" is far from the ONLY issue just for existing LOL.
  17. SO what? Exactly this, men in peak physical condition quit ALL the time. Who cares that a woman candidate quit as well?
  18. It is no debate that smoking at all is bad for your health. The article I linked is one of many which confirms that cigarette smoke is more harmful compared to Marijuana. Neither cigs or Marijuana have health improving effects. Long term studies actually show cognitive decline with regular daily use of Marijuana. The same thing happens to your liver and other cognitive faculties with regular long term use of alcohol. If you want to count cognitive decline of regular marijuana use as a case for being more harmful than the cardiovascular damage and lung disease that the carcinogenic cigarette causes then ok. That is something that we could have a real discussion over as it is meritorious. As Jefferson said this is mostly a social stigma anyway.... Certainly not the catalyst Rampy or the fake article he posted believes it to be.
  19. Ok, you are wrong about everything you have posted in this thread. You are completely bereft of common sense if you think that a single substance (Marijuana) is solely responsible for the made up BS you are talking about. Better? Also I posted a medical study which proves you are wrong, I can't tell if you are that unable to read or if you are trolling....
  20. Fair point, I did not consider Marijuana DUI... also that compliments my point of its a governing body issue not a substance issue for the results we are seeing. True if we removed all pot from the earth this wouldn't be a problem, same can be said for alcohol. Its a balancing act and it seems we do not have a good example of well thought out governing can provide re: substances.
  21. Based on your responses I am getting the feeling you may not be as well informed as you believe. Nothing you claim to know about pot can be substantiated to any appreciable degree. You even agree there is not enough research done yet you seem to "know" so much about pot... You're allowed to not like it and allowed to not want it legalized. However decriminalizing it would be a good thing... you know since we all pay taxes for the three hots and a cot for anyone caught with enough pot on their person. Pot as a legal substance is still a new thing for Colorado and the way government works I'm not surprised they are complaining that it isn't profitable. Once someone comes along and creates a system which can be tapped easily for money, especially money to lobby with you will see people change their tune. As of right now pot is not directly related to a single statistic mentioned except for specifically tax revenue. Just one example: In conclusion, while both tobacco and cannabis smoke have similar properties chemically, their pharmacological activities differ greatly. Components of cannabis smoke minimize some carcinogenic pathways whereas tobacco smoke enhances some. Both types of smoke contain carcinogens and particulate matter that promotes inflammatory immune responses that may enhance the carcinogenic effects of the smoke. However, cannabis typically down-regulates immunologically-generated free radical production by promoting a Th2 immune cytokine profile. Furthermore, THC inhibits the enzyme necessary to activate some of the carcinogens found in smoke. In contrast, tobacco smoke increases the likelihood of carcinogenesis by overcoming normal cellular checkpoint protective mechanisms through the activity of respiratory epithelial cell nicotine receptors. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1277837/
  22. That article is reasonably poor. It in no way provided any information about how Marijuana "devastated" Colorado. As far as tax revenue Marijuana is still a provocative subject and it comes with no surprise a blue state is already bad at fiscal decisions. So I would blame the governing bodies before a substance for a failed execution on an opportunity to intelligently raise tax revenue. Also if you think about it with Marijuana legalized OFCOURSE more people will be caught with possession. Just look at alcohol as an analogue, you don't see a lot of underage kids being caught with it. But the second kids go to college and are legally able to drink AND you get things like spring break BOOM you see a spike in arrests. In summary the article is nothing but hot air and has failed to present a cogent reasoning to why Marijuana is the devil.
  23. I feel like smartwatches are a fad. Moto 360's though are probably the best andorid smart watch.
  24. They'll then blame the state next to them. "But they have guns and their police has guns, that is why bad people are still shooting us here in our state"
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