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  1. my quick run up. bravo company 16" mid upper combo with charging handle and BCG 570 DPMS lpk 49.95 mid length hand gaurd 19.99 bravo company m4 stock kit 82.95 lower receiver 100 er so. total 832.99 or so. still need a rear sight but he could pick up one of his choosing or just use an optic. you could save a couple of bucks on a cheaper stock as well. would be a pretty nice build. he could add a better hand guard latter if he wanted.
  2. G26jer

    Riser for Flat top

    i use this same one on my rifle. it is very solid.
  3. the the lowpro is the one. thanks a ton for the link!!!
  4. hello all, my buddy is building 2 AR's, one for him and his dad. He is using Kreiger 24" barrels. they require a gas block of .936. He wants to use a clamp on style gas block. we were going to go with this one from EGW link but it is back ordered and they are not sure when they will have/make more, and all their dealers are out, at least the ones we know about. Anyone know of a source that either has the egw instock or a simmialer style block? This is the only thing missing to complete the riffles. I have been searching online and have yet to locate one. a quick rundown of the 2 builds if you are interested C3 defense receivers krieger 24" Varmatch stainless barrel Geiselle match triggers BCM bolt carrier group BCM gunfighter charging handle Magpul prs stock smooth freefloat hand guard RRA small parts thanks in advance!
  5. G26jer

    Movie "Wanted" Question

    they ruined any chance of a sequel that i would be interested in anyway, when they killed off the eye candy.
  6. G26jer

    Doe, a deer, a female deer?

    Dohs Doe's taste real good! We kind of gave up on the Utah deer hunt though, we have been going after the doe antelope, in Wyoming, mmm they be even tastier!
  7. G26jer

    Good Morning

    Good morning!!!, or should I say good night, I have been up all night could not sleep. Going to try again in a bit.
  8. G26jer

    Show Off the Best of the Best of Your Work!

    hey I just found the photo geek section! Their are some great images in this thread so far. good work everybody! Here are a few of my favorite images i have captured over the last couple of years. motorcycle racing WSBK Michel Fabrizio WSBK Ben Spies leads the pack into the attitudes, Miller WSBK Ben Speis double winner at Miller Miller Mustang Challenge We cant have racing photos with out umbrella girls! One of my favorite portraits (other then the above type) lets switch gears a bit, Tetons fog covered trees Canoe by the water Varmint hunting get that mouse! Hooter I will finish up with one of my all time favorite photographs i have taken. This took 15+ trips standing all day in the freezing cold February weather to get. Eagle If you want i have more on my web site, its still in progress but ill get more added to it soon. www.jcampphoto.com or some stuff is on flickr as well. Jeromyslc on flickr
  9. G26jer

    What camera(s) do you use?

    i just shook up all my gear, still havent quite got it all back into a full kit yet. switched from my trusted Nikon gear to Canon, so far I am liking it but time will tell. Nikon kit sold: D300 and D70 with 17-55 2.8, 80-200 2.8 and 300 f4 New canon gear: 7D with grip, 28-135 IS, 70-200 2.8 IS and a 15mm fish. I got the fish in a trade it will probably be going on the chopping block soon to help fund a better wide zoom. still need to find the money for a wide zoom, a flash or two, another 300 prime, and a back up body.
  10. G26jer

    Saw these guys on my way to work yesterday

    great scouting photos! good luck on the hunt! put some meat in that freezer.
  11. G26jer

    Moon rise

    way to be in the right spot! great capture. thanks for sharing.
  12. G26jer

    Question about gun ownership

    I have had guns run a time or two, never ones I had bought new that I would have filled out the form. always came back ok. Never mention ownership or anything. Just probably checking the numbers in a stolen gun database. Incidents were not involving a traffic stop though.
  13. G26jer

    AR Scope recommendations

    take a look at the vortex line of scopes. I have been really happy with mine as have a few of my friends. you get good bang for your buck and they have great warranty and customer service. I am running a 4-12x40 diamondback on my AR. I mostly plink with it now but am getting into hunting some coyote. I tried to put a cheap scope, sub 100$ on a riffle a couple of times and never was happy with the results. As a previous poster said try and hit up a retailer in the area to check out a few and see what you think.
  14. sign me up, can i get 2 beer holders on mine though? less trips to the fridge that way.
  15. G26jer

    Honesty, Integrity

    wow, glad you found your stuff. Good on you to do the right thing, shame on ups man (or who ever delivered it) for leaving at the wrong house!