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  1. She get new boots to go with that?
  2. Wonder if he ever got to go for a ride on the B25 or Mustang...
  3. I was thinking about him this morning. Met a couple times at gun shows, and flew on a B17(a trip that he arranged). Haven't been logged in for long time, but lurk usually daily. Noticed he hadn't been posting-at least not in General. Rest in God's peace, friend
  4. The Irishman Founder Reserve. To me, after a little water, it seemed almost buttery(toffee?).
  5. Phone set up with the brdnews entry, that doesn't work as yet.
  6. We had to drive all over the damn city to find some special $170 bottle of Scotch What scotch?
  7. Exquisite taste of images hanging on the wall
  8. I seem to remember The Big O smirking with his thumbs up his Kansas while gas was around $3.50 and remained there for quite some time.
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