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  1. scratchy wilson

    Thinning out my collection

    All 17 pages your stuff?
  2. scratchy wilson

    Calumet Barrel Proof Review

    The Irishman Founder Reserve. To me, after a little water, it seemed almost buttery(toffee?).
  3. scratchy wilson

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    In Tijuana?
  4. scratchy wilson

    Merry Christmas Morning!

    Happy Christmas!
  5. scratchy wilson

    AR15Armory Offline for Upgrade

    Phone set up with the brdnews entry, that doesn't work as yet.
  6. scratchy wilson

    Hey scratchy wilson

    Thanks guys.
  7. scratchy wilson

    Mandalay Bay : It's been a year. Im here

    We had to drive all over the damn city to find some special $170 bottle of Scotch What scotch?
  8. scratchy wilson

    I may be done with Altamont.

    Try Esmeralda? https://esmeralda.cc/
  9. scratchy wilson

    Hey NONEYA

    Happy birthday friend
  10. scratchy wilson

    I did it!...........

    Exquisite taste of images hanging on the wall
  11. scratchy wilson

    Donks Want To Blame Trump For Three Dollar A Gallon Gas

    I seem to remember The Big O smirking with his thumbs up his Kansas while gas was around $3.50 and remained there for quite some time.
  12. scratchy wilson

    Bought a house in AZ

    Everyone is buying a house in Arizona but me. Congrats zoom. Welcome to Free America
  13. scratchy wilson

    Good Morning!

    Good morning
  14. scratchy wilson


    Are all the pix in the BOTD back now?