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  1. Shot my first deer with a bow last night, couldn't be happier! Shot at 35 yards, ran another 80 or so. My first year bow hunting
  2. I like my Tapco 20rd mags, I only have 3 but they are all good (at least for me).
  3. seems like personal preference, but i would look for ones with good reviews from multiple sources.
  4. No, I have big hands and the magazine doesn't interfere with a solid grip.
  5. Its not exactly a light gun, but it is better balanced bullpup style. In original configuration the LOP was waay to short for me, now it is much more comfortable. I would say the bullpup stock is about the same weight as the original wood, so the weight is about the same IMO.
  6. Bought this Chinese Type 56 last Decemeber with hopes of making a Bullpup out of it. I decided to go with SG Works bullpup design and think it turned out pretty well. I had to modify the stock for it to accept the 30rd mags, as well as modifing the magazines themselves. Just got the Bushnell Trophy sight this morning so I haven't sighted it in yet, but lokk forward to doing so. Overall the fitting of the stock to gun was pretty easy, easy to follow video instructions really helped. All I have left is to cut the barrel and thread for a flash hider. From this.... To this....
  7. Drum still for sale $125 shipped, others are gone.
  8. 48 hour sale... buy them all for $160 shipped. Will close ad monday evening if there is no interest.
  9. Yeah at $15 a piece it's not wallet friendly, but a cool wall hanger for sure.
  10. While shooting last night, this happened. Thought it was pretty cool... my first one.
  11. Up for sale are 3 very lightly used 30rd Promag SKS magazines and 1 SGM Tactical 75rd SKS drum. I have never shot the drum or 2 of the 30rd mags, all have been loaded but never fired. I modified my SKS and it only will accept 20rd mags, that is why I am selling. (ammo not included) $60 shipped $125 shipped All items will be for sale locally ( for higher prices) so first come first serve.
  12. I'm shooting Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 350s with 125gr broadheads. I've got some 450s on the way, but the 350s are working great. 70# draw with 75% let off, 30" draw length. It's actually my first year shooting this setup, only bow hunting I did before was bow fishing.
  13. Bought one a few weeks ago, they are very nice. Teamed mine with a Silencerco Sparrow, awesome.
  14. I don't clean for copper in my rifles except in my .22s. My ARs and bolt rifles only get the bores cleaned for carbon residue.
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