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  1. iowa hawkeyes

    Fun target ideas, what are some of your favorite targets?

    Bowling pins with an I bolt through the top hanging on a piece of rebar
  2. iowa hawkeyes

    Hello from Iowa

    welcome to the site
  3. iowa hawkeyes

    Noveske Question

    i bought mine straight from noveske and it did not have the cross that went across the upper and lower. i think this was something they did in the past. things change
  4. iowa hawkeyes

    flash suppressors

    I'm pretty inexperienced with ar's the only ones I have shot have had a vortex flash suppressor. I was wondering if the flash from an a2 is noticable when shooting with one? Is it distracting or something you don't even notice?
  5. iowa hawkeyes

    Noveske light carbine: customize at factory?

    Give them a call and ask, they have always been friendly when i've called.
  6. iowa hawkeyes

    gas block question

    would this build up over time? should i be concerned / is this normal?
  7. iowa hawkeyes

    gas block question

    kind of hard to see in the pictures but its there
  8. iowa hawkeyes

    gas block question

    I was unable to get a good picture of it but while I was trying I noticed the same blue crap on the inside of the flash hider. last time I shot it I was shooting 77 grain federal smk and the primers had some blue stuff around them. would this be the culprit? I just don't know how it would get around the gas block. very confused
  9. iowa hawkeyes

    gas block question

    i'll see what I can do don't know how they will turn out with a camera phone give me 10 min
  10. iowa hawkeyes

    gas block question

    had my ar out today and noticed some blue crud forming around the bottom of the gas block. is this normal? is the gas block loose? thanks in advance
  11. iowa hawkeyes

    Rifle length MOE handguard!

  12. iowa hawkeyes

    Look what I got today.

    looks great
  13. iowa hawkeyes

    just ordered first rifle

    finally figured out how to use photobucket sorry for the shatty pics it was the best i could do with a camera phone
  14. iowa hawkeyes

    spikes powder filled buffers

    its not from the spring if I take the buffer out and shake it it rattles quite a bit. that's why I was looking into the spikes buffer thought that with the powder filled buffer it would reduce the rattle