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  1. DKing

    N. GA Zombie Match!

    If you have $10 and a sling and retention holster you are welcome.
  2. DKing

    I case no one has heard...

    problem solved.
  3. I was wondering what the first three letters of a serial number signify? I have a 1006 with the letters TFCxxxx
  4. DKing

    N. GA Zombie Match!

    http://www.ar15.com/forums/topic.html?b=8&...=1 October 31 9am. http://www.gmsa.homestead.com $10 to shoot. Low round count, but hope to have fun
  5. DKing

    Fusion Finish

  6. DKing

    What kind of caliber poll snubs the 10mm?

    Or more realistically take a 45 super since it is basically only a spring change to any MODERN 45 caliber gun. 45 Super 200 gr 1,200 ft/s (370 m/s) 639 ft·lbf Now it's within 100 ft/lbs and 75 fps. Would anything on the other end really know a difference?
  7. For a long time I used a rubbermade storage bin and the kitchen counter. I got a piece of "butcher's block" about 1.5" thick 6" wide and 14" long. I put the Lee single stage on the end mounted the powder measure just behind it and attached it to the counter with a big C-clamp. It works great for taking along to the range for load work up, and packs up easily in a large storage bin.
  8. DKing

    Custom Grips

    Eagle grips converting round butt to square...
  9. DKing

    Truglo TFO sights

    Could you fit any of the Truglo TFO offerings into a S&W 1006 dovetail cut?
  10. DKing

    Galco Holsters

    I love Galco. The make a top dollar good quality holster. However for the money of their top of the line items you can get a superior quality holster with the same price but a longer wait. Check out Ken Null if you want a superior quality dress holster or Mernickle for odd ball guns holsters. Both make truly inspiring holsters.
  11. DKing

    40 S&W 10MM

    If you switch to a 40 S&W barrel in a 1006 can you still use the 10mm mags or are you now stuck with feeding problems?
  12. DKing

    Which is better 9mm or 10mm?

    You are better off comparing 9mm and 40S&W. Both are relatively cheap both have relatively similar power. Forty is slightly heavier and slightly bigger where as nine is slightly smaller and slightly faster. 40S&W is loaded closer to the limits of the cartridge whereas 9mm has a little more of a "safety factor" built into it because of the large number of older guns chambered for it. I've always considered 40S&W to be the worst of both worlds between 9mm and .45acp. It has the lower capacity of a .45 and the lighter weight of the 9mm. 10mm is better compared to .41 mag, .460 Rowland, or .50GI. I bet you haven't heard of any of those. The reason is they are hard to find, require reloading, and are connoisseurs cartridges (not available at walmart). They all do something incredibly well, but at the cost of availability and/or recoil. 40S&W is the same diameter as 10mm but it lacks the extra case length and power. You might say it reminds me of 2 Timothy 3:5... If this is a first purchase I'd recommend a Browning Hi-power in 9mm, or a 1911 in 45 acp. A cocked and locked single action trigger is much easier to learn and will get you further down the road faster before you get into the intricacies of DA/SA or feel frustration with a hard and long DAO trigger.
  13. DKing


    I have 4 and am getting a stripped lower receiver with my bar number as the serial just in time for my birthday this year. It has the GA seal as the roll mark as well. It was set up through ballistic sounds in Athens, and I was able to get the Governor's approval for use of the seal for a limited run. Unfortunately, I think the finalization date has passed to order one. I'm not sure what to build it into thought. I'm tired of .223/5.56 I was thinking about a 50BMG but realistically I'd never use it. Been playing around with oddball calibers but nothing has really struck my fancy, maybe something from Alexander Arms... I'm more of a handgunner though by nature.
  14. DKing


    Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a Marietta area criminal defense lawyer and NRA pistol instructor. Been interested in just about any gun for years but joined here now that I'm getting a 10mm and saw the extensive 10mm forum. Hopefully, I can make a few worthwhile contributions since I deal extensively with firearms, self defense, and GFL related cases.
  15. Or Utah, which ever is more convenient for you to attend.