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  1. wilsoncs3980

    Deals on .223 bullets ?

    I just got a thousand bullets from Wideners and a thousand primed cases from Scharchs. My local shop had all kinds of CCI primers. Olde English Outfitters www.oeoutfitters.com
  2. wilsoncs3980

    "Infidel" Range Report

    Here's my new AR bullet launcher. AR Picture
  3. wilsoncs3980

    "Infidel" Range Report

    I have the same scope and I love it. Great scope for the money. I seen them on Optics Planet today for 249.00 shipped. Thats the 4.5-16 40mm illuminated mil-dot.
  4. I've got a new Rock River Varmint A4 and I'm trying to fiqure out how to remove the handguard. It looks like I need either a spanner wrench or some kind of strap wrench. Any suggestions on what tool I need to remove the handguard? This is a free floating handguard.