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  1. I went ahead and sprayed a light coat of white lithium grease on the spring. Haven't had a chance to shoot it since then, but I don't think it will matter....since you fine folks let me to Tubb's springs. I've got a flatwire buffer spring and a trigger spring set on the way. Thanks for the link! I'll shoot it a bit with the stock spring greased, just to see what it's like, but then I'm taking the stock spring out and installing the flatwire spring. Quick question about the trigger spring setup: I don't have a good gunsmith around me, but I'm pretty handy with this kind of stuff. I figured I could adjust the trigger, but wanted to get any advice or input first. This line from the retail site...."This addition to the CS Spring family lets a gunsmith tune an AR trigger and know it's going to stay where he set it".....makes me think that it could possibly be a tricky procedure, but then when I think about how the trigger assy works, even with my limited knowledge of AR's, I still think I should be able to do any tuning and tweaking I want to myself. Input?
  2. Probably so. The gun shoots lights out, so I should just get used to it I suppose. It just bothered me today, cause I shot my gun and my buddies Bushmaster, and his Bushamster (with factory stock identical to mine) was a TON quieter. And every other Bushmaster, DPMS or Colt I've shot has been quieter as well.
  3. I have an M&P15x, and compared to every other AR I've shot, the buffer spring rattles A LOT in mine. Is there any way to quiet it down? Besides spending $200 for a new stock. I don't mind the factory stock if it didn't rattle the way it does.
  4. Doesn't look like they have anything that is see thru though. I'd like a to raise it up enough that I can still flip up my rear battle sight and have a channel to look through. The NcSTAR tactical scope comes with a built in quick-detach lever mount...so I just need a spacer/riser, and preferably one that isn't a solid chunk of steel.
  5. Just bought an NcSTAR scope for my M&P15X. I have the Troy Ind. folding rear battle sight that came on the gun, and the front sight is the standard fixed iron sight. When I did a quick test fit of the scope (it comes with a slick quick release mount for picatinny rails), I could see quite a bit of the front iron sight in the scope. It was obviously blurry, but I was hoping it wouldn't be quite so noticeable. What's the best option for raising the scope up higher so I don't have to blow through the front sight so much? (Also, I couldn't search for anything yet cause I'm a brand spankin' new noob on here. Gotta post first. )
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