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  1. **** Disclaimer****** I do good enough to talk properly much less type properly.. Im not a professional review writer. So recently I was tooling around on the interwebs and I came across this cool lil product, Its called the Cloud Defensive LCS. I did a quick lil search for it online and came across a couple reviews various places had done, I followed them on Social Media for about an month and I decided Id bite and give it a try. I ordered both variants they offer (Streamlight Protac and Surefire Scout) and I waited I got the Surefire LCS super quick, Like a matter of days.. these guys are Fast! (Streamlight was a pre order) So basically what this contraption does is contains your Tape Switch and cable into one nice lil package and creates less probability that your tapeswitch is going to get snagged, pulled or just fall off.. it also helps from the dreaded zip tie slice ( if you've every experienced this you know what it is and this product makes itself worth its weight just in that alone IMHO). When I received the package for the Surefire I was a lil excited to get it opened. it comes in a nice lil plastic Ziplock style bag with the base, two sides, and screws and only works for the ST-07 switch. Installation was pretty self explanatory Cable goes in machined track, Switch goes in the base and the screws go from one side to the other (Rocket Science... they made this waaaaay too hard) and then my switch was officially secured on my rail!!! Now this thing for its size it quite the lil tank.. Yank Pull Tug Jerk this lil thing stays where it is! I became a believer. Id have to say my favorite part about the whole thing is wherever your finger lands and you push on the switch.. IT WORKS! no more shifting to get good pressure between your rail and switch!! If you have a " High Speed Low Drag" Job or if your a "Low Speed High Drag" range guy.. Id Say these are worth checking out if you had a use for it. A Few Specs from their Packaging (Surefire) Length 2.5in Long Height .303in Tall Width 1.19in Tall Weight with Hardware 1 oz (27g) CNC Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Mil Spec type 3 Hardcoat Anodized ( They Also offer coated versions OD, Bazooka Green, Burnt Bronze, FDE, and a Urban Grey) Mil Spec Manganese Phosphate coating on their screws
  2. Media Blasting, Cleaning, Soaking in Acetone, ( I cold Phosphate mine) and then I Coat
  3. Our Local Government has been frivolously spending for Decades... Our Police and Fire have been the Redheaded Step Child for years because of this. They work out contracts dropping their raises to keep Health Insurance Where its been,Take the usual Budget Cuts Etc Wtc , all the while the City Sends Spends Spends Medical College, New Events Venue ( Thats still too small so large acts won't book), Convention Hotel, Blah Blah Blah. So Now the Answer is... ( Drumroll.....) Lets raise Premiums and Deductibles to a rate thats an equivalent of a 20% paycut!!!!! 10K per person Ded. (Family Plan) and 40% increase in premiums. What... A... Shame.... Like those time men and women don't sacrifice enough, Missed Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, Increased Chances of Cancer or Becoming Disabled, Being Shot, Heart Attack.. We All Know the risks we sign up for when we Signed up for these Jobs. I was ALWAYS told Id Never get Rich in Public Safety and Im cool with that... But to be making essentially as much as a Bank Teller with weekly Overtime!!!??? Come On!!!!!!!! Get it together City Council!!! http://www.14news.com/story/33274863/emergency-responders-concerned-about-proposed-health-insurance-costs But Hey If All works out we are going to have a Massive Penguin Exhibit at the Zoo( City Owned) Now!!!!!!!!! To the tune of 5 MILLION Dollars....
  4. Thats what I charge.. 50/upper or lower, 90 to do both at the same time.
  5. Disclaimer ** I have VERY Little experience with building AR10s, Their Specs, etc etc So I have a Customer thats having some issues with a DPMS High Profile Upper Receiver from a Specific Manufacturer, ( Im not going into names here because Im not wanting to create a shitstorm) He has tried 3 different rails 2 from the same company and a 3rd from another.. all three are doing the same thing, Upper Rail isn't lining up with the Receiver Rail (Elevation between the two issue). We've sent the receiver back to the Man. and they're saying "its in spec" so when we asked them about the issue they passed the buck to the other two companies rails... They don't make DPMS High Profile Rails. Except we've confirmed by the companies they infact are DPMS High Profile. Now the Manf. is saying there is no "Industry Standard" to the DPMS High Profile Platform? Can anyone Confirm or Deny this? Is the Company Blowing Smoke ( Wouldn't Surprise me they're known for that and horrible C.S.)
  6. I cant use 300blk....That was my first idea. It was shot down by higher powers. Ive got a 10.3in pistol, Im just looking for something smaller
  7. Hey Guys I'm Starting an SBR Project.. Ive got an Idea (Yes Ive almost hurt myself thinking this hard about it ) So I need some friendly advice/help Im wanting to build a 8-9in upper (Im well aware its only going to be decently effective inside of 100yrds.) What are the Pros and Cons of having an 8-9 in upper with a Carbine length gas system? Am I Opening a Pandoras Box of headache trying this or would it function pretty good? I Appreciate your guys input and advice here, Thanks Guys!!!!
  8. " Screw and Glue" thats a great Analogy... and thats why I'm asking.... I like this guy He's a good Customer and I would like to keep him a good customer, Hence why Im asking because if its a No Go Ill take his gun in for him and pin and weld the thing for free if need be, I just don't want to see him end up in the Federal Klink for a Dime or Two
  9. How you describe is how I begin.. Then when I have all my Pennies and Nickels saved up with a lil extra I start shopping... Oh But Of course this that that this and this are out of stock, So I start looking for replacement components THATS where I get in trouble Oh well Item "Y" is 30.00 more but considerable better quality ahhh WTH why not... Item "Z" is is 50.00 more but better quality... and off to do the poor mans Tango I go LOL
  10. Watsons gonna read this shake his head and think "Whew Them So Ind boys are still as special as they were when I was there"
  11. So I had a guy come into the Shop today and was showing off a Reece14 Build he recently got. Now I sold him the Barrel, Flash Hider (S.E. Vortex), Well Basically the whole upper in parts here and there over time. So this guy shows up today and he's showing it off It looked pretty good then i remembered thats a 14.5 barrel... Hey Man Who did your Pinning and Welding for you?? Oh My Buddy Did... He Drilled it out ( Flash Hider) .. Put a Divet in the Barrel, Then he threaded the Flash Hider Hole, Ran a Set Screw in it to match the Divet in the barrel, Tightened down the set screw and JB Welded the Flash Hider to the Barrel then Covered the Hole with JB Weld Da Fuq Did this guy just describe to me!!!???? Now Im no Know it all But Im curious, After I pondered for a bit after he left I thought... Dang you'd have to have forearms like Popeye you break that loose.. Even with a Wrench and probably even some Heat... You don't have direct access to the set screw to remove it. If you tried to break it all apart at once Im sure you'd probably destroy something first before it Just Screwed Off.......... Would this Pass Muster for "Permanent"??? I know most probably wouldn't even test it they'd see the hole and something covering and say Ehhhh Yep Looks good after a good hard twist... Im Just Curious Fellas... Is this guy on his way to a bad day one day???
  12. I wasn't planning on spending all of it but I Figured if I sit that much back for the barrel Im less likely to go overboard on the other stuff and burn up barrel $$ But then again Who am I BSing how often does a build stay in budget
  13. thats my budget for a barrel
  14. I'm back from the dead, I Haven't been around in quite sometime..... Hi Old Man!! (He knows who Im Talking to...) So Ive decided its time to start putting some Lids on these Lowers I got and I want to do an 18in Precision Style Build and Im in the market for a 18 in barrel Sub 500.00 dollar Range. I know theres Douglas, WOA, BA Hanson, Green Mountain, Faxon ... Who doesn't make a barrel these days?? Anyone got any input on who makes the best Bang for the Buck in 18in SPR/DMR Rifle Barrels? Design doesn't really matter I don't want a Full .938 Thickness Bull Barrel, Fluted would be fine with me or something similar. Thanks for the Help Fellas
  15. They're made in here where I live... You did the smart thing they're not a stellar product so to speak.
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