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  1. I was kinda leaning toward the DW Razorback myself. Are the sights on the Razorback Novak's?
  2. I traded my Glock 20 in for a Springfield XDm and I am now looking for a new 10mm pistol. The G20 was just to large for my hands. Anyways, my Springfield 1911 fits my hand like a glove and I thought why not get a 1911 chambered in 10mm. So I have been looking into who makes a 1911 in 10mm and found the following guns. 1. Dan Wesson - Razorback 2. Kimber - Eclipse Custom II 3. Colt - Delta Elite So I have come to you 10mm aficionados for opinions, personal experiences, and any information that you can provided me on these three guns. P.S. I can't use the search function yet because I don't have 10 post on this forum. Thanks, Patrick
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