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  1. If you want to do both with one tool, you need to get the .308 version and add the .223 blade
  2. .308 tools are now available. They work the same as the .223 and if you have both, just buy one tool and change out the blades.
  3. I have a new production run going now and I am planning on having a new tool made to accommodate the AR-10 shooters and the .308. The .308 tools will be run at the end, and I am hoping to have them by the end of the month. Greg
  4. Anyone know of a good place to get an inexpensive AR-10 bolt?
  5. Take a look at Tac-strap. This is a really nice convertible sling that is easy to go from one point to two point, and back. It has a nice adjustment strap for sizing, two inch webbing, three colors, and a color matched American flag. Im using the SLAP plate for my attachment. Works great without the rattling of the ring on the Magpul. Check out the SLAP plate at www.ikickhippies.com (I didnt make it up, its just fun to say).
  6. Looks like you built a good rifle. Who cares what anyone else thinks. You built it this way because you like it this way. It's gonna shoot just fine for any carbine course out there. Enjoy it.
  7. I got a Magpul BAD and a Tactical Link BAL and tried them both for fit and function. So far the function of both are great. I like the way they smooth out locking the bolt back and sending it forward. I havent had any problems with either model and they both do the same thing, so it comes down to fit. So far, I like the feel of the Tactical Link BAL and it had a slightly different attachment angle that makes it easier for me to find and operate. It just seemed to fit me better. I am going to get one of the EBRv2 models to try out as well (at Neil's suggestion) and then I'm making a Department purchase. If you dont have one, you will love the function, but find a dealer that has a couple set up and see which works best for you. Good luck.
  8. Welcome to the sight. BRD is the black rifle disease we all suffer from. I dont have any first hand experience with YHM's rifle, but I do have many of their accessories/parts (free float handguards, sights) and find them very well made. Good luck with the BRD.
  9. I sent Dan at Amelon Coatings a bolt cleaning tool today. He is going to do some checking to be sure the coating wont be affected by the cleaning pads and bolt cleaning tool. Good news though for everyone sending Dan your bolt for coating, it will be cleaned like new before he puts on your coating now that he has a bolt cleaner and polisher.
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