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  1. There is nothing wrong with MIM parts IMO. ALOT of companies are using them now days.
  2. ceracoat and microslik! I use and abuse my rifles daily(practice ,have been thinking of IDPA or 3 gun) and have never had a problem! The ceracoat is stons shat! They have most any color you want and the microslik is excellent also for the bore and internals and will prolong the life of your rifle and make the finsh last exceptionally well! Read the reviews on it here on the forum and you will see that everyone thats had it done will swear by it!
  3. Nice job! The RRA rear hole in the stock is for a QD swivel to attach a single point sling and it works damn good IMHO! I really like mine! :oh yea:
  4. I would go with ceracoat and microslik for all parts the will rub against other parts or metal! Its good shat!
  5. Excellent choice! You will like that weapon alot!
  6. Sure am! Even if it doesnt need it I do it because I find it relaxing!Not one gun I own is ever dirty and all still look new! Everyone says Im anal about my guns,I say that its proper care and maintenance
  7. I have some 62 grain penetrator in about 10 of my mags loaded and another 10 mags of the 62 gr penetrator and 69 gr BTHP mixed,5 mags of 69 gr Black hills and 55 gr TAP,and 6 mags and 2 betas full of 62 gr penetratorand 69 gr TAP, and about 7000 rounds in the BOL s vault!
  8. What part of the winner will have to go through a FFL and have an instant check done do they not understand? Obviously if it goes through a dealer than it couldnt be given to anyone that doesnt deserve by rights to carry it! Freaking libtards! I think I will call them and see if I can buy a few tickets too.
  9. Congrats bob! Nice job and glad youre liking it!
  10. GUNMAN556

    Cant Sleep

    I know the feeling! Its like being a kid the night before Christmas!
  11. I think we all must work in the same shop guys, thats how it is in the shop we own also! We got our regular older gentelmen that come in and BS about the weather and where they do their hunting,last nights 22 shoot or spot shoot at the American Leigon and who won what,who had to have cheated etc,etc. We got a few othersthat come in to chew the fat or see whats new during the afternoon when they get off work. Right now we are having a Ruger round up sale where we slashed prices on our Ruger inventory until April and its been getting pretty busy in the afternoons. We just did a promo that Ruger had going on where you had to buy so many of each thing and got 2 Rasberry LCPs. The rasberry LCPs are a pinkish purple color and the ladies like them,while we finally got the new Vaqueros that have the 2 cylinders one is 45 long colt and the other is a 45 ACP and they are sharp! I may have to buy myself one! Its been a while since I have seen a 45 LC/45 ACP combo.
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